Monday, December 3, 2012

It's December!

I feel like I haven't posted in forever!
I have lots of updating to do since I missed JR's 10 & 11 month posts, pretty quick too because his first birthday is coming soon. CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

Hope you all had a special Thanksgiving with family and friends- we sure did!

We have been trying to intentionally keep the holiday season calm and enjoyable.  A friend of mine shared some great words of wisdom at a "Holiday How-to" event at Compass- talking about how we must rest and get rid of the busyness that surrounds us in order to fully encounter Christ and what He has planned for our lives.  Not only is that true all year round, I especially feel like as a mom and woman, the Christmas season can be clouded with shopping, planning and parties.  Beautiful and enjoyable things... but can overwhelm our spirit and take away precious time with God and our families.  It has been hard to pick and choose what Christmas events and parties we want to go to, but it has really helped to decide on  a couple family days ahead of time that we already blocked off.
All that to say, I may not be blogging as much or spending hours picking out the perfect gift for every person.  I am enjoying this Christmas season and praying I can take the rare quiet moments of my day to get to know my Jesus a little more.

Merry Christmas!
If you're interest in reading some verses I posted in the past as a little Blog Advent click on the link {here}
(Reagan and Vali wanted to be on the blog- they are still around and sweeter than ever!)

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