Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013

Very Thankful

Hope yall had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  We sure had a fun and busy fall... Sweet memories were made and the kids grew up way too much over the last few months! Hope to be back blogging more often :)  Thanksgiving trip pictures & a few photo sessions coming soon.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

22 months- JR

This boy is running full speed at the 2 year old mark!  It's interesting to see just how much he changes every day.  John Ryman is an energetic, adventurous & joyful boy who keeps us smiling and on our toes constantly!  He loves to jump and run, always amazing me with his balance as he runs straight down a hill or hops with both feet over some firewood in the back yard.  I'm so thankful for the size of the our yard and all the room he has to run safely inside the fence.  These cooler days are so nice because I can sit just inside the screen door and watch him pick peppers, kick one of the many balls in the grass and chase Vali all afternoon.  He loves the freedom but you can be sure he looks right at me for encouragement when he runs extra fast or throws the ball :) I love hearing him talk to himself, sing a song or make car noises while playing alone.  He has mastered the climb up to the slide and even prefers sliding down on his belly backwards. 
His vocabulary increases daily.  There isn't a word that he won't at least try to pronounce.  He can pretty much tell me anything he wants, although sometimes it takes several attempts at translating followed by him laughing at me, like duh, mom! that's what I said the first time!  In the past few weeks he has started being able to answer questions like "what did we do today" and actually answer correctly and give daddy a few one word things of what we did.  Sometimes even telling a story, just missing those connecting words throughout the sentences.  He recognizes "church" when we pass it in the car, as well as Fresh Market for which he yells "coffee" without any prompting as we drive by.  Clearly Jesus and coffee are pretty important around our house ;)  John Ryman still affectionately calls his sister "Fafa" even though he can say Vera just fine.  SO precious!
A new thing he has recently started is asking for candy or cookies.  If you say no, he responds, "one?" Like, Can I at least have one, mom?! haha  Also if he doesn't want to do something he will say "No, peas".  He knows most of his colors- a recent favorite being orange- and I heard him yesterday counting to ten (missing seven & nine but hey that's pretty good!) I think a thanks goes to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood show for that one ;)  He never was a big TV watcher and sometimes I wished he was just so I could get him to sit still for 10 minutes, but thankfully in the past month he has grown to LOVE Daniel Tiger and any car show on Netflix (which he can operate by himself- yikes!) which is just long enough to do some laundry or feed Vera. 
JR is quite the brave boy!  He climbs and jumps pretty much anything.  He touched a snake and cricket and several horses- all without hesitation!  So, I think this is the time to start praying he gets some healthy fear in him :)  Although if something is extremely loud or strange looking, he will get a little whiny and say "toooo loud" or "scary". 
While I wouldn't call him a picky eater, it still is hard to get him to sit down and eat a ton.  It usually takes a lot of talking & encouraging to get him to finish his plate.  A few favorites: Couscous, broccoli, penne pasta with tomato sauce and salmon.  Oh, and Oreos & fruit snacks!
And keeping it real...in the discipline area, he gets in trouble most often for throwing food, screaming at the top of his lungs (thinking its hilarious ugh!!), and pouring out Vali's water bowl.  He usually goes through phases where he won't touch her water bowl for a week and then twice in one day he pours it over, usually right after we fill it up!  The most frustratingly funny thing about disciplining him is that he will make sure he has my eye contact before doing one of the above actions and sometimes he even says "no touch" to himself or says "spanking" haha then proceeds to do it!  Phew, most of my days are spent trying to outsmart a 22 month old and stay consistent with my reactions!
This mothering stuff is hard!  but boy, when he runs up to you and says "Sorwee momma" "wuv you" or obeys proudly... it's all worth it!
While JR needs constant supervision around Vera, he is so sweet with her!  Wanting to give constant kisses, "feed her", or insisting she needs her paci- he can actually be pretty helpful at times.  She is starting to watch him and smile at his crazy moves.  He likes to tell her "stories" and sometimes when she starts babbling he yells "she said it!"  I love watching them bond already and seeing just how proud he is of her at only 22 months.  I can only imagine how his love for her will grow and what an great entertainer Vera is going to have as she continues to grow more observant of him!
This age is so special!  I love seeing his face light up when he finds his lost toy (and yells "there it is!) or seeing something for the first time like a huge Christmas tree or touching a horse's soft nose...   Nothing like hearing him respond with I love you or miss you when I talk to him on the phone.  And I absolutely love when he comes running straight towards me when I sing "I love you, a bushel & a peck" so that he can give me a big hug around my neck!  Can't believe my baby will be 2 so soon!
Love you, John Ryman and so proud of the boy you are becoming.

Snakes, Horses & Aunt Sadie

Only a cool aunt catches a baby snake on a run and brings it home for a curious little nephew... And then takes him across the street to see lots of horses!  JR sure loves his Aunt Sadie!!


Fall Decor (at the Stone's home)

 I snapped a few pictures of my mom's fall d├ęcor when I was in town a few weeks ago.  Nothing like coming back home for the holidays and seeing the familiar decorations and finding new ideas each year!  (and don't you just love her dining room!)


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wonderfully Great Grandparents

 Such special time with my Nana & Dado.   I was thankful that our Louisville trips overlapped and the kids were able to see them!

Vera is actually wearing her great grandfathers sweater from when he was a baby! 
Isn't that precious!  She was just over 3 months old...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin Pickin at Tower View Farm


John Ryman, Vera, my mom and I spent an afternoon at Tower View Farm while we were in Louisville.  It was the perfect place for JR to run around and "pick" a pumpkin. 

Vera was 3 months & 1 week- so she was really starting to watch her surroundings
and even enjoyed touching a few pumpkins herself :)
 (LOVE this next pic- Vera & her Nana B.)