Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas with our families

 After we ALL slept in until just before 11am, my mom made a special breakfast to recreate Christmas morning.  They had even saved some gifts to open with all of us :) 
 (he sure can reach with his long arms!)
 (perfect patrick gift)
 (John Ryman kept picking up baby Jesus from the manger and patting him over his shoulder saying "baby"- so sweet, until he would throw him down...)
 (just another classy gift from my parents- ha!)

 (JR loved opening gifts with Aunt Sadie)
 (fun toy from Alaska)
 (beautiful Christmas breakfast with the classic cinnamon rolls!!)
(Everything was delicious and thankfully we were also able to enjoy my mom's Christmas dinner the night before- perfect 3am dinner!)
I was so terrible at taking pictures while we were in Louisville.  Not only was it difficult keeping an eye on JR around fragile nativities, fireplaces and Christmas trees, but I also wanted to sit back and enjoy without a camera in my face :)  That's why many of these are from Patrick's phone and ya know what, I'm totally okay with it!
After a "Christmas" at my parents we headed over to see all the Garcias for a special Christmas Dinner!  Sure worked out nice for us that we could celebrate with everyone on the 26th.  What a joy to see family and all the cousins running around!  I don't think JR knew what to do at first :) he just kinda nonstop wanders and runs, maybe one day he will learn to play in one area? haha
 (JR loves his Uncle Daniel!)
 (probably saying "baby" to sweet Griffin)
(JR learned to say "puppy" or "peeeessss"(for puppies) just before our trip- he was showing Lily his puppy named Buddy.)

More posts to come- including a Zoo Birthday Party for our 1 yr old!!

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