Friday, February 1, 2013

(2nd) First Birthday Party

My mom and Sadie were so sweet to throw John Ryman a first birthday party after Christmas.  The decorations were so CUTE!  And JR sure loved the Zoo theme & all the monkeys.  We were so thankful to have a special celebration for JR in Louisville with more family and friends since we couldn't have everyone in Texas.  And since Christmas and birthday gifts didn't fit in our suitcases, JR has enjoyed receiving packages in the mail every so often with his toys and books he opened while in Louisville.  Kinda fun tradition we may have to continue- keeps the excitement going without overwhelming him with too many things at once!  I should do a post of some of JRs new favorite toys and books- he got some pretty cool gifts.

 (Sadie smoothed out the icing on the cake so it looked like fondant & added sprees to continue the polka dot theme-really cute!) 

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  1. Seeing that smile on JR's face as he saw his little cupcake just melts my heart. May you enjoy your childhood to its fullest JR!