Thursday, February 21, 2013

JR's First Trip to the Zoo (Fort Worth)

Memorial Day was GORGEOUS and the perfect day to head to the Fort Worth Zoo.  We figured it would be pretty busy, but other than parking the crowds were just fine.  The weather could not have been more amazing and all the animals sure were enjoying it!

This crocodile was HUGE and came right up to the glass acting mighty hungry:
The lion would not stop yawning and we thought he would never stand up, but after roaring at him for a few minutes, he walked over to the edge and let out a huge ROAR!  (well it kinda turned into a weird smoker's cough, but JR liked it!)
The lady lions next door weren't too impressed with his roar.  3 were asleep and this one let out a big yawn too!

We loved watching the elephants, but right when we walked up a little closer, 3 of them went in for lunch (or a break or something).  Thankfully this old fella stayed out for a few pictures and even looked like he was smiling. (or "she" not really sure)
(okay photographers, the two pictures above are a great example of wrong aperture.  Well wrong for this photo since I would have preferred to have both in focus.  The aperture was set to 1.8- opens wide for a shallow depth of field- which gives a nice blurred background effect for portrait or busy shots where you don't want to see every detail in background or foreground, but definitely too shallow to get my boys & the elephant both in focus.  Confused?  Try playing around on your camera with the aperture and you will start to notice the difference.  The photo below was at 1.8 as well and turned out great.  You just have to decide what you want in your picture.)
Anyways, back to the elephant...

John Ryman loved all the animals and trying to say their names or the noises they make.  He would point at every animal and then wave, saying "hi" really loud.  Such a fun family day at the zoo!  I'm sure we will be back a lot more, especially since JR was so intrigued and even came home repeating a lot of new words. 


  1. Savannah, what lens and editing program do you use? I'm jealous how amazing all of your pictures are! Looks like you all had a blast! Sweet family!

    1. Thanks Brooke! I have the basic zoom lens that came with my Nikon D90, but for these pictures I used a Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens. I absolutely love it! You can't zoom in or out (since its a fixed lens) but once you get used to moving around its wonderful for portraits and low light settings. I have a trial of lightroom that I have been using (free for 30 days) and I LOVE it. Way faster to edit a batch of photos than the Photoshop that I am used to using. I try to edit as little as possible, but if I have to edit more or add text, etc. Photoshop is probably a little better than lightroom. Hope that helps!