Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Did you know that the Easter Bunny sometimes comes early to a preacher's home? Well, we just didn't want to wake up as early as daddy Sunday morning & I knew JR would want some of his goodies for the park after church on Easter.  So... the Easter bunny stopped by Saturday night after a special Easter meal with dear friends :)

He found the package of lizards first and didn't really notice anything else haha!  John Ryman loves to play outside, so he got some spoons and containers for dirt & pebbles, lizards & bubbles!  He also got a "woof woof" book and some peeps (to share with mommy!). 
We had a wonderful Easter Sunday celebrating the Resurrection & the hope we have in Christ!  Patrick preached at our Roanoke campus and it is always so powerful to worship and be reminded of how our lives are forever changed because He is ALIVE! 
After church we had a delicious brunch {FnG Eats} on their patio in Keller.  And of course we had to take advantage of the gorgeous 80 degree weather with a trip to the Keller park!  The furs were extra happy to tag along!

 And this little man sure loves anywhere he can run FREE!

 (Thanks to Mimi for his cute Easter outfit... and his little Robeez were a consignment find on Saturday- perfect!)

 Too bad we didn't get a family pic!  Patrick was eager to change out of his suit and get ready for the CARDS!

 Sweet boy with his first skinned knee... many more to come!  It didn't stop him, just hopped back up and kept running... and he is a FAST runner!
Happy Easter!

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