Friday, March 1, 2013

Little Gardener

I had a special helper in the yard yesterday.  After I watered a few plants, he actually picked up the watering can by himself and tried to water them- too cute!  Can't believe my perennials are already coming in, but I had to add some color to the patio while waiting on them to bloom...
Trying to teach him to smell the flowers and not pick, squish or sit on them...
 Perfect seat, right?!
Reagan doesn't have time for play- he is busy surveying the yard for intruders (squirrels or birds)
John Ryman likes to take a break and look for the "tweet tweets" too...
JR saw that Vali had stolen one of the Easter eggs & so he tried to join her and play,
but she just wanted to chew on it! 
Thankfully she is always very good with him, even with a chewed up Easter egg:

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