Friday, May 31, 2013

34 weeks- Pregnancy Update

I am 34 weeks pregnant!!!  (well, 34 weeks & 5 days!)
So I figured I should do a pregnancy update before this sweet little girl arrives :)

(26 weeks)
Thankfully this has been a wonderfully smooth pregnancy.  I had a little nausea early on until about 15 weeks (never had any with JR) but it was totally bearable and just called for more lounging around in the morning to save up energy for the rest of the day.  I definitely took advantage of napping when John Ryman napped those early days even though I felt so unproductive.  Funny how different things are this time around- if I hadn't been a little nauseous I would have forgotten about sweet baby growing inside because the busy boy outside was keeping me so active!
(32 weeks)

It has probably been in the last 2 weeks that I have started to feel "pregnant".  Now I've been showing for a while, but I am reminded every time I pick up JR or reach down for something that I am nearing the end of this pregnancy!  Not sure if it is just the size or weight of my belly or the fact that I have been on my feet more with decorating, traveling, stripping wallpaper & painting :)  I never had swollen feet with JR, but by the end of the day my feet are starting to swell a little bit.  Could be the difference between a Christmas due date and a July one.  May need to join a pool here soon!  I have only gained half the weight so far that I did with my first pregnancy.  I am eating a little better than before, but the main difference is playing with a 17 month old! 

As you know, our precious one is a GIRL and her tiny clothes are already being folded and organized!  Mainly because it is the only thing I can do for her nursery- it still is a major wreck thanks to 2 layers of nasty wallpaper that want to take the drywall with them.  Hope to post some progress pictures soon and update on the nursery design!  I just finalized fabrics and paint color last weekend.

And as for her name: Vera Michelle
When I worked at CCU, outside our offices were frames of the graduating classes throughout the years.  I always loved looked at the very early ones and seeing all the names of the students.  Vera stood out to me 5 years ago (well so did Pearl, but Patrick said that wasn't an option!) and has been on the list ever since.  The lady's name was probably pronounced vEEErah back then with a long "e", but our little girl will be Vera with a short "e" (like Kara with a V).  More our style and flows a little better with Garcia :)
Vera means "Truth" and Michelle is actually my middle name and my Aunt Jill's middle name.  Whenever I say to John Ryman, "Where is baby Vera?" He usually will pat my belly and smile, but I think my favorite is when he pats himself... because yes, sweet boy, you are still my baby too!  Mommy is just going to have 2 babies now. 

(34 weeks- I need an updated belly pic- she is getting BIG!)

John Ryman has no idea what is coming in approximately 6 weeks, but boy can he spot a baby from a mile away.  He literally yells "baby" across Target and repeats his shouts of excitement until I find the little picture of a baby on some packaging or spot the baby he saw in a cart across the store.  We are working on not throwing everything he picks up and gentle hands with a baby, but I'm pretty sure Vera is going to be able to keep up with her brother early on because wow is she active!  I never remember JR moving around this much :) I thought I was maybe feeling more pressure from her movements because it is my second pregnancy and my muscles aren't holding her in the same way, but my doctor told me today that it is probably due to her sitting a little lower.  She also said the amount of amniotic fluid and size of a baby play a role as well with how much movement/pressure you feel.  Interesting...

I'm still sleeping great, just takes a little longer to roll over, and I haven't had any weird pregnancy cravings.  I'm loving grilled veggies, dark chocolate and bbq (not all together!) but nothing out of the ordinary.  Starting to realize why I loved our ranch house so much!  These stairs in our new house can be exhausting especially carrying JR up and down if I'm not already chasing him up and down them.  Is it bad that I'm am dreaming of a mini fridge for the upstairs?!  And I already brought JR's old changing table to the living room so I will have one station upstairs and one down.      

Anyways, I'm feeling a little more settled and excited for Vera to arrive.  We are prepping around here in case she arrives early, but preparing my mind for a late arrival just in case she wants to take her time :)  I'm so thankful for the sweet Doctor recommended to me here in Newburgh!  She has been encouraging and helpful- and even making sure I meet the several other women in the practice just in case she isn't the one to deliver- although she said that rarely is the case.  I am going in for weekly appointments because I'm nearing the end!! and she wants to get to know me in the short time before delivery.  JR loves going to the doctor with me.  They are so kid-friendly in their offices and the lollipops are a plus! 

Sorry this is so long and more info than you ever wanted to know- guess this is more for my memory since I documented John Ryman's pregnancy so much better.  Hope to be back with some DIY, painting and redesign posts!  Happy weekend!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Sam's Graduation Party- Part 2 (decor details)

My mom is the most wonderful hostess and pays attention to every little detail when entertaining guests!  Truly a gift!  Sam is the last of our family to graduate high school and her last graduation party to throw.  She did a great job celebrating all the sweet memories of Sam's school years.  Here are some of the detail pictures from the day:

 Wouldn't have been a party for a baseball player without some peanuts & cracker jacks!

 (precious note my Dad wrote to Sam when he was 5 years old...)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sam's Graduation Party- Part 1

My "little" brother, Sam, graduates from Christian Academy of Louisville this week and we celebrated this past Sunday with family and friends!  So proud of you Sam & excited for your future at Liberty University and beyond.  Love you!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Davidson Fam!

Okay- I took these pictures a long time ago and here they are finally!

Our last few weeks in Dallas were spent with dear friends!  I wish I had taken more pictures of all the sweet families, but that was the last thing on my mind.  The Davidsons were one of those families.  Our best friends that have mainly been long distance although we lived near them in Cincinnati for a little bit and now Texas (for a week and a half!)  When Luke and Kathleen were considering a position at Compass, we knew that things were progressing with Crossroads and that we may not be at Compass when they arrived.  It was so hard to imagine having Kathleen close & getting to spend time with her precious twins all the while knowing it would be for such a short time.  At least we could prepare ourselves :)  We had such a special week with them and we are so grateful to have had even that little time with them.  Kathleen has been blogging about their move as well and did a recent post {here} with some precious pictures.  Wish we had gone out for a real photo shoot with our cameras, but I'm so glad we were able to get a few in before dinner!  These next few are too funny- about as good as you can get with these 3 rascals. 

(I think I was almost 29 weeks pregnant here... I'm to 33 weeks now!  Guess I should do at least one pregnancy post before baby girl arrives :)  Poor 2nd child, maybe tomorrow!)