Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Always learning from Daddy (and Vera update!!)

John Ryman has definitely turned into Daddy's little buddy over the past few months and it has been precious to watch.  From loud truck noises to tricks on the slide... carpet square surfing in the kitchen to wrestling on the couch... JR sure has one fun daddy to learn from!  I caught these pictures on Saturday morning- both boys so intrigued while making espresso.  I'm thankful to know that John Ryman is learning far greater things from his daddy than how to make espresso, but its always a good thing to know how to make a perfect cup of coffee :)

A little update:
I'm just past 38 weeks and Vera is ready to come any minute!  The doctor has been surprised each week as I've continued to progress without actually going into labor.  I didn't think baby girl could sit any lower, but of course in the past two days she has dropped even more!  Funny how different each pregnancy is!  I was running around, sprinting steps and shopping, until at the hospital in labor with JR... little Miss Vera is lower than JR ever was and I'm feeling every little movement.  While I don't think I'm as big with her- I've officially been doing the pregnancy waddle this past week :)   Anyways, for lots of different reasons, my doctor and I have decided to induce this Thursday!!!!!  If she doesn't come tonight or tomorrow, we will be heading to the hospital bright and early on the 27th to meet Vera!  I was already eating spicy food and eggplant at this point hoping to go into labor with JR (he was only one day late) and now I'm trying everything not to go into labor.  
So, we are having a baby this week!  (And most likely she will be born on our 5th wedding anniversary- what a way to celebrate!)

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