Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Drop Cloth Striped Rug

Here are the details on how I made the drop cloth rug from yesterday's closet redesign... SO easy and cheap!  I picked up some drop cloth at Home Depot (I think it was 5X5 for just under $7.)  My kitchen rug (from Sam's Club) was actually the size I needed, so I used it as my template for cutting the drop cloth.  Now the sides of the cloth are sewn under which means that where I cut it was unfinished, but since it is not out in view everyday and the fabric doesn't really fray, I didn't sew around my cut edges.  I guess if your rug was in a visible location you could even do an iron-on hem tape to create a finished edge. 
 Next, I taped off where I wanted to paint the stripes.  As much as I would have preferred some chevron, nap time only allows for so much :)  Stripes it is!

After alternating paints and letting them dry... it was time to pull up the tape and place the rug in the new closet!  (I used leftover white trim paint and the extra chalkboard paint from the closet door. The drop cloth ended up being almost the same color as the walls or else I would have painted that stripe as well.)

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