Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Closet Organization & Redesign

This was the mess of our hall/kitchen closet under the steps shortly after we moved in.  It is a small size closet right off the eat-in kitchen area that leads to a living room and is next to the garage door.  We actually have a pantry and laundry area just to the left of this closet (in the kitchen) with tons of wall shelves, but not much floor space, so there was still a lot of stuff piled into this closet that needed organization.  Some of this stuff went to the yard sale pile, laundry area, or the garage if not used very often, but there was still some improvement that needed to be made!

After we emptied the closet, we decided to use the leftover paint from our master bedroom walls
 to freshen up the area.  The walls were pretty scuffed up and I also wanted to see how I liked the color downstairs because eventually we may paint all the walls!  It is called Agreeable Gray- Sherwin Williams.  (more on that when I post about our room- we LOVE it!)

 Although I have a chalkboard just outside the closet hanging on the wall, I thought I would make the visible one the "pretty" decorative chalkboard and paint a smaller one inside the door for list-making and notes.  I taped off a box on the door and painted 3 coats of chalkboard paint (Krylon indoor paint).

 Here is the finished room! 
I may still shuffle things around as we organize other closets and eventually add some storage with a hutch/dresser in dining room.  And a little confession... this is our first real ironing board!  We used my college dorm size board for the past 5 years and I thought it was time I got Patrick a real one :)  Seriously though, he is really the only one that irons- I'm not allowed to iron his dress shirts- and we usually use our clothes steamer for everything else.  But I do have to say, I may just have to try it out thanks to the cute cover from Target. 

 For the little chalkboard signs, I just painted some glossy junk mail with 2 coats of paint and it seems to work just fine!

The white shelves are from Target- one shoe shelving unit (two rows on top) sitting on top of another shelving unit that is actually meant to be upright, but I took the shelves out and it was the same width as the shoe shelves. I'll post about the DIY rug tomorrow!  Super easy and cheap (drop cloth & paint)

$$ Rundown:

$9: hooks for the ironing board and brooms
$25: new ironing board & cover
$13: shoe shelves- I already had the one shelf
$3: rug (bought a $6 drop cloth and used less than half)
I used extra paint for the walls, rug and chalkboard
$50 total!  For a room that I love! -and really half that $ , if you already have an ironing board :) 

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