Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vera's Nursery- Part 1

This is Vera's Nursery :)  The simple cream wallpaper was a little deceiving because we thought, "oh, it's not that bad we can easily remove that and use that room for the nursery..." Little did we know how crazy things looked underneath the first layer!  We started to remove the wallpaper to find another layer of horrible vintage paper that would not come off without taking some drywall!  We used a clothes steamer and warm water mixed with fabric softener to remove the wallpaper- worked great, just the bottom layer was so old and attached to the wall that it took the drywall with it no matter how delicately we worked. 

After talking with our painter here (great guy who painted all the ugly trim on the first floor before we moved in!) He said there wasn't much we could do other than remove the wallpaper as best as possible and then he would come over and try to cover and sand the walls before we painted.  It was a mess! and we tracked wallpaper all around the house :)

In the meantime, I found this fabric (above) that was my inspiration for the nursery!  The paint color next to it is called Sea Salt, but after doing some more fabric shopping and getting some professional help from a friend Sea Salt was a little too blue.  So we went with "Falling Star"- Porter Paint.  A little more of a light mint green with hints of blue.... We will see- I'm picking up the paint today! (Sherwin Williams is color matching it for me)  The bedding is in the process of being made & I love my coordinating fabrics just as much as the main fabric above! 

Now that all this tacky wallpaper is GONE, the painter worked on the walls today to make them smooth and ready for paint.  Probably won't be perfect walls, but way better than where we started. 
 (no wallpaper, but before sanding...)
 And what I'm most excited about now- white trim!!  We couldn't afford to have the upstairs trim painted like the downstairs before we moved in, but we knew eventually we would get it done.  Well thanks to {John & Sherry} giving us the courage to try it ourselves... we purchased a paint sprayer!  This was the easiest room to practice with because we didn't have to worry about over-spray on the walls and all we had to cover were the hardwood floors.  Patrick loved it and the four layers of white were sprayed and dry super fast! (I promise I stayed clear of the fumes and bought him a mask after taking this picture!)  We will have to do a post on the paint sprayer soon once I can get some final pictures, but it sure makes us excited to start working our way down the hall and brightening the upstairs with white trim. 
Back soon with more nursery updates...  and hopefully not a baby in the nursery for a few more weeks- Doctor said today that I'm already progressing and doesn't think I'll make it past 39 weeks... Praying she stays put a little longer but her crazy movements make me think this feisty girl is ready to meet the world!  I'll be 36 weeks on Monday!

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