Friday, July 26, 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

my taller, bigger baby

Everyone told me.
"Just wait until Vera is born, John Ryman is going to look huge!"
"Remember what John Ryman is like before you go to the hospital because when you come home he is going to seem so grown up."
"Once you see how tiny that baby girl is, you'll think it's crazy just how big John Ryman's hands are and how old he seems!"

And then thirty minutes after I held Vera in my arms for the first time, Patrick carried our big toddler boy into the room.  Looking too heavy to be held and curiously searching the room for this new "baby", it was then that I believed what everyone had said. 
 How, so quickly, can he begin to speak more, climb higher, grow taller?
There is still so much baby left in him, but that little boy is shining through and it makes this mommy teary-eyed and proud at the same time. 
Well, until he throws his bottle or hat in your face... now that's another story.

4 weeks new newborns were harmed during these photos ;)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Wishing a Happy Birthday to this special man... the best dad around & a pretty awesome Papa D!
I am thankful for his consistent love and encouragement and his godly leadership, not just to thousands through his preaching and teaching, but the faithful leader he is as a father.  We love you, Dad!  Wish we could spend the day celebrating with you :)

The truth.

I could photograph my garden with soft lavender and creeping oregano...
even share some surprises left behind by the missionaries that owned our home...
 but then you wouldn't see the crispy black-eyed susans.
 What a treat it was to find these wispy whites blooming along the back fence... 

but my garden, on the other hand, is quite a weedy mess!
I could crop & position so you would see the glowing tomatoes and those beautiful squash blooms...
but these half dead squash plants, overcrowded zucchinis and climbing weeds scream at me daily.
I could tell of my 99 cent Home Depot purchases that once were dead and have resurrected...
but then there are those tiny peonies that have yet to find a home.
Even the lamb's ear, one of my favorites, is flourishing,
but would you notice the chunk picked off from JR or the pots begging for water just behind...
My garden and, well, our entire yard is a work in progress and I don't want you to ever think that all things are perfect around here just because I enjoy picking the right angle for a photo or blurring out the overgrown messes.  Even though some spots are pretty and growing weed-free, you know what is my favorite in the entire yard?
It's actually these three dead flowers... picked by a little boy with dirt under his fingernails and the juice from fresh strawberries dripped down his white collar... just for his momma.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Vera- Newborn Photography (part 2- BW)

I had to stop myself from turning every picture into black & white, but there was something just so beautiful and peaceful about them.  Here are my favorites:


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vera- Newborn Photography (part 1)

What a joy it was to photograph my own precious baby girl!  My love for photography has only grown over the past 18 months since John Ryman was a newborn and hopefully the images I capture have as well.  Vera was so easy to photograph, sleepy and cuddly almost the entire time.  I was so thankful to have my dear friend (and talented photographer!) Heidi in town to visit a week after Vera was born, so we worked together to capture her in all her newness :) 




Brother & Sister

Monday, July 15, 2013

waiting for Vera

On June 27th, Patrick and I woke up early and arrived at the hospital a little before 7 a.m.  My sweet mother-in-law had arrived the night before so that she could be at the house with John Ryman that morning.  We checked in and were placed in the triage area because the L&D rooms were all full.  It was a small room, but totally comfortable and even a nice lazy boy for Patrick to rest in!  I tested positive a week before for Strep B. pretty common I just needed antibiotics at least 4 hours before delivery.  Normally that would be just fine, but because I was already almost 5 cm dilated and my labor wasn't too long with JR, my doctor was concerned that I would deliver too quickly and not hit the 4 hour mark for the antibiotics.  (I think Vera would have been sent to NICU to receive the meds instead of me getting them)  Since I was already so far progressed and ready to have Vera, we decided it would be best to be induced, giving time for a dose or two of the antibiotics.  After settling into our room, the nurse gave me the medicine and we waited 4 hours before starting the induction process.  Kinda boring, but we got some rest and Patrick worked on a little grad school homework.  We even had a few visitors who were on their way to see John Ryman...

I actually felt a couple contractions while waiting in the triage room which just confirmed that Vera was just fine coming a week early :)  Thankfully before the induction began, some rooms opened up and we were able to get settled in the L&D room!  They were really nice and had tons of room!

 We waited a little longer and Patrick was having a good ole time :)  At least he didn't sing any Adele this time during my labor! 
Because I was in active labor with JR for longer, I never really had an appetite the whole day, but this time I was pretty hungry!  Thank goodness for tasty ice chips!!! Seriously, why are they so good?
My mom, Patrick's mom, my sister Sadie, dear friend Macie all came up to the hospital with John Ryman after he woke up from his nap.  We had fun making bows for Vera and trying to keep JR from pressing every button on the IV monitor :)

My sweet doctor came in around 2:00 to start the Pitocin and break my water.  I started feeling contractions pretty quick!  Around 3:00 I received my epidural!  Praise the Lord for epidurals!  My contractions were bearable at this time, but I was so worried I was going to miss my opportunity for the epidural because of a quick labor, that I asked for it a little sooner than necessary.  So glad I did! 

Next post... Delivery!!!