Thursday, July 25, 2013

my taller, bigger baby

Everyone told me.
"Just wait until Vera is born, John Ryman is going to look huge!"
"Remember what John Ryman is like before you go to the hospital because when you come home he is going to seem so grown up."
"Once you see how tiny that baby girl is, you'll think it's crazy just how big John Ryman's hands are and how old he seems!"

And then thirty minutes after I held Vera in my arms for the first time, Patrick carried our big toddler boy into the room.  Looking too heavy to be held and curiously searching the room for this new "baby", it was then that I believed what everyone had said. 
 How, so quickly, can he begin to speak more, climb higher, grow taller?
There is still so much baby left in him, but that little boy is shining through and it makes this mommy teary-eyed and proud at the same time. 
Well, until he throws his bottle or hat in your face... now that's another story.

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