Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hello 2014 :)

Oh my goodness, it has been forever!
Where have the months gone?  After a bit of not posting, I kinda decided to take a little break, just didn't know how long!  Life with tiny kiddos is quite busy, non-stop entertaining and downright exhausting :) 

This morning I stepped on a pile of carrots in the shower. I'm pretty sure it was from JR's lunch yesterday and it explains his quiet playtime in our room.
Later in the day, I found a charcoal painting JR had smudged on the living room table.  At least the candle wasn't burning when he went looking for his latest medium. 
And then at my attempt to be mom-of-the-year and make Vera pureed vegetables, I melted my colander right into my pot and filled the house with a savory scent of burnt plastic and carrot juice.  But at least the brussel sprouts I made for dinner covered over the smell.

And yet, today was uneventful compared to most and I was even left with enough energy tonight to write a little post!  (and no offense, I would have chosen my husband over blog readers, but Patrick has event tonight at church...)
I'm ready to start posting again and actually taking pictures of my babies!  I know y'all aren't waiting at the edge of your seat for a new post or to read about my day-to-day antics (not really soft "pitter-patters" anymore...  JR just needs a wooden spoon & everything is a drum!) but I am deciding to post more for me & my family.  Sweet Vera, for you, I will pull out my real camera! You might be the queen of my Iphone photos, but should I dare to admit I haven't photographed with my camera since Christmas Eve and even then, that was just a quick few shots! 
Anyways, I'm hoping to be back here more often to help me keep record of just how quickly my littles are growing!  And who knows, there might just be some posts about recipe successes/failures, gardening adventures, DIY or home catastrophes, etc. 

Being a momma is hard work and I've found that if I stop to take a step back, even once throughout the day to get perspective, things fall into place a little easier.  Even if that perspective is picking up my camera and capturing Vera crawling into another mess or John Ryman staring down at a cracked egg on the kitchen floor... it gives me a breath, a laugh and maybe even an ounce more patience.  I won't post all love, sibling cuddles & tidy decor.  John Ryman hugs sister too tight sometimes.  My attitude is far from joyful and patient each day.  And our guest bathroom still has 4 paint color samples along the wall from 9 months ago.  But I hope my posts can be uplifting to you and Christ and an encouragement to you along the way.  Sometimes all it takes is a simple word to bring life back into a worn down spirit.  Just like tonight, as I was putting the kids to bed, John Ryman leaned down and without prompting said "Goodnight seester, I wuv you."
He can throw carrots wherever he wants, if he ends the day like that.