Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Liberty- VA

We had an awesome visit to Lynchburg VA this past weekend!  My mom, Sadie, me & the kids drove 8 hours from Louisville to Liberty to meet up with Sam and see his school!  We made so many memories together & Liberty is an amazing school- beautiful campus, tons to offer... I mean check out this lodge on top of the hill overlooking the campus!  Complete with snowboarding, skiing, kid slopes and more.  And this was during the ugliest season- can't imagine the view during the fall!  
I never realized how hard it was to teach a kid to roll down a hill- he kept trying to flip head first or would sit up just as he started rolling! ... Or maybe he just wanted to see Aunt Sadie and Uncle Sam look silly rolling down by themselves in an effort to teach him :)
 Isn't this amazing! Free for Liberty students- anytime! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

27 months- JR

 This two year old is full of energy and joy!  John Ryman is a little chatterbox and can be quite a stinker- keeping this momma on her toes trying to stay one step ahead of him.  Nothing sweeter than hearing his voice and stories all day long. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

First Zoo day of the year!

 Over a week ago- we took a little vacation into Louisville!  Patrick was preaching in Lexington at our dear friends' church, Wally & Barbara Rendel, so we decided to go in early and spend a long weekend in town.  Friday was gorgeous & sunny (actually just like this past Saturday) perfect day for the zoo.  We met up with the Price cousins and had an awesome time!  Weird to be in light jackets and have snow melting on the sidewalk, but we will take any sunshine we can get.  Not sure about y'all- we are READY FOR SPRING!  These random warm days followed by ice & snow is super strange and giving me headaches like crazy.  I'm thankful for sunny days ahead & lots of peppermint oil on my temples :)

 cutest little Nana you ever did see! (even if she is the exact size of a gorilla)
she looked like a teenager pushing my double stroller around the zoo.
 John Ryman has not stopped talking about the bear in the truck- haha- He said he drove it around!

(JR wanted me to take his picture and said he was riding an elephant!)