Sunday, March 2, 2014

Christmas Eve (JR is 2!)

 This big boy turned 2 years old on Christmas Eve!  Thankfully Patrick didn't have to be at church until after lunch, so we spent the entire morning celebrating John Ryman!  He wanted to wear his "jersey" and "green tractor hat"... very specific.  He also wanted to eat donuts and see firetrucks :)
So we decided to pick up some donuts, drop them off at the fire station and hope to sneak a peak of a big fire truck for the birthday boy!  He was in heaven!
 (Vera girl at 6 months)

 After naps and a little more celebrating- we got all ready for Christmas Eve service and met daddy at church.  These pictures were about as good as I could get by myself before rushing out the door :)

 and then JR put the rocking chair on the couch and requested a picture- haha! He is getting very particular these days as a new 2 year old. 

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