Monday, March 3, 2014

Christmas Morning 2013

This was our first Christmas morning in our own home with nothing to do and no where to go... such sweet memories.  John Ryman slept in super late so we were actually able to wake him up!  I definitely was the worst mom that morning- JR had been loving this music video "Born is the King" by Hillsong and I thought he would love to be woken up with some music... well poor guy was in a deep sleep (when we thought he was already awake) and was so confused when we paraded into his room with a speaker singing "It's Christmas...!"  Probably the funniest and worst wake up call ever.  He just sat up in bed and stared at us.  Pretty sure we will get that same look when we embarrass him in middle school :)
Anyways, he woke up after a bit and was ready to celebrate another birthday!
 John Ryman's birthday card for baby Jesus:
John Ryman picked out Vera's first ornament- a ball, of course!  He actually spotted it in TJMaxx clearance aisle and wanted to get it for Fafa.  My kinda gift- 80 cents :)
 and John Ryman's ornament this year was a Rooster...

 More birthday celebrations (and donuts for Jesus of course!)

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