Monday, June 9, 2014

Breaking out the Real Camera

I have been so bad about actually taking out my camera (not my phone) and photographing John Ryman and Vera.  I have tons of empty frames in our home... thanks to The Nesting Place they are actually getting hung on the walls finally, but now I need to fill them with some updated pictures.  I know realistically I can't always have current pictures because they are changing and growing so quickly, but Vera is about to turn ONE so its time for some non-newborn sibling pictures!  I am planning Vera's first birthday party and I would love to have some sweet pictures around of our little girl.  A simple & cheap centerpiece for a child's birthday is a fun picture of your baby placed in a frame on the table!  Steal your favorite frame from another room people won't see during the party.  I'm just going to have her styled to match the party theme and then use the picture on the dessert table.  Can't wait to celebrate her birthday.  Hoping the decor & theme I've dreamed up will be fun while keeping it simple and not overdone :)
(these pictures are from a month or two ago- already looking so much older!)

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