Friday, June 13, 2014

Encouragement for the weekend

Have you all heard of Thrive?

I recently stumbled upon their website and blog- actually I believe the Lord led me straight there knowing just what I needed.
 Thrive is a ministry for moms to encourage us to do more than survive motherhood and to learn to be confident in who God calls us to be as mothers.
I thought I would share with yall before the weekend just in case you can sneak away for a little free time and watch their retreat video.  I think the retreat was in April but I watched it last week and was very encouraged and blessed by the speakers that shared their hearts and words from scripture.
It says it is three hours, but there is an intermission and since its not live- you can pause and come back to it whenever you have free time or the kids go down for a nap.
{click here} for the retreat video
I'm running after my hiding place this weekend and soaking in the rest that only God can provide- praying you will join me!

Quote from Thrive's Monday newsletter:
"True fellowship is found when we come together in the light, willing to expose ourselves, and ready to offer the grace found in the precious blood of Jesus."

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