Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy First Birthday Vera!

Sweet Vera girl, little "fafa", you are one year old!  If it weren't for my calender I wouldn't believe June 27th has already arrived.  You are a tiny thing... still in the 10th percentile for weight and about average in height. Your hair is starting to thicken up with curls tightening by your neck.  They look their curliest when coated in shiny yogurt after lunch.  You sure love to eat, but only finger foods, which makes it interesting since your first tooth just poked through this month.  Your first word was "dada"... well at least the first noise you made consistently :)  And you said "mama" and "nana" when reunited after a week in Colorado.  I think you were just trying to tell me that you missed your Nana B. when we left her house after a week of her spoiling you! 
You clap and wave on command and say "more" by clapping when you want more food.  While you aren't as big of an entertainer as your brother you sure love to flirt with your brown eyes and your smile is contagious.  You are a little more sensitive than John Ryman and can get your feelings hurt or display instant tears if a toy is taken away.  But thankfully you are always very quick to recover and go on as if nothing happened a few seconds later.  Mornings usually start around 7:30 for you, but your mommy is not ready to get out of bed then :) so daddy is usually sweet to take you a bottle in your crib. 
You love to giggle, play and have your morning milk in bed until mommy and JR come to wake you.  There is nothing sweeter than coming into your room and seeing your head pop over the railing smiling ear to ear!  Always smiling and joyful!  Even when John Ryman wakes you prematurely from nap (pushing open your door and yelling "Mommy, Fafa is awake!") you still give me that same happy look and jump as high as you can up and down.  I'm still shocked you haven't hopped right over the side of the crib.  You may never walk normally, just decide to hop from place to place.  Vera, you are one speedy girl!  You can do laps around our house almost as fast as JR and you're only crawling!  You started to pull up on everything and even all by yourself with nothing to hold.  And on Father's Day you really started walking at ten steps in a row.  Now you can go straight distances, maybe a little fall in between or crawling around a curve, but you are becoming a cute little walker! You light up when we turn on music and love to dance or laugh at your brother dancing. 

You love to roam free around the house, moving from one thing to the next.  I'm always impressed at how fast you can empty a basket, pull down kitchen towels, and tip over a bag of blocks... all before I catch you!  Your cuddles are the sweetest.

 I love that you are still light as a feather and I can hold you all day long (if you let me) snuggling close when sleepy and laying your head on my shoulder.  You love to blow kisses or give me a hug by laying your head on my chest. You love your bed and prefer to be laid down with your paci and bunny at the first sign of fussiness but I try to sneak in some cuddles before nap and bedtime.  I'm thankful that you go with the flow, you definitely let us know what you need, but you have a sweet personality to complement your determination.  As I savor these precious moments with my baby girl, I do look forward to watching you grow into an endearing and brave young girl who doesn't mind getting a little dirty and messy, smiling all the while at the beautiful adventure God has for you.
 Happy First Birthday, Vera Michelle. You are loved.

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