Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So far this June...

"Here little bunny.  Here your salad."- JR
 Is it just me or do you feel like you could clean out closets every week!?!?
 Love my new craiglist find (sink & faucet!) and my man for installing it!
Actually turned into Patrick's intro for his Father's Day sermon :) {here}

 slight new obsession with watercolor
(Vera's First Birthday decor!)

 "Fafa" stands on her own and has taken a couple steps!! 5 steps in a row on Father's Day!
 Found out that chalk looks cool on our painted counters!

We switched John Ryman to a big boy bed!  It is the sweetest thing to see him still cuddled up in the morning or during naps- looking so grown up:
 One morning he woke up when Patrick left for work, but Vera & I were still asleep so he fell back to sleep in our bed.  Vera woke up about thirty minutes later, so I took her downstairs for breakfast. Almost two hours later- 10 am!- JR was still asleep in our bed.  He looked so tall and big sleeping there and I realized those teenage years of late mornings aren't too far off.
My sweet mother-in-law came to visit and brought her embroidery machine! She monogrammed a couple pieces of fabric for me and they looked adorable.  I was too excited and couldn't wait to piece them together!  My dining room is now my sewing room and I can't stop making these simple little dresses for Vera- now I just need to figure out how to make a button hole...

 "Here mommy, I pick button for you. What color you like?" - JR after I heard a spill upstairs :)
 A little visit to the pool to see my brother- the lifeguard for the summer

Vera loved playing outside at Nana's house!

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