Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Just Laugh

Unusual Quiet.  You know the sound. That moment when your 2 1/2 year old is quiet and you know immediately he is into something. 

I ran upstairs to put Vera down for her nap and I heard the pantry door open.  I knew when I came down the steps one minute later it was going to be messy.  (so I grabbed my camera... and then ran on down)

Parenting is tough. Disciplining is tough. All the "no" and "say thank you" and "sister needs you to share with her" is oh so necessary but there are just some days when the messes and craziness need a little laughter!! We had the best laugh when I found him with his sprinkle mustache- and a huge belly laugh when I took him to a mirror to actually see what he looked like!

I was encouraged my this week's Thrive newsletter (are you on their mailing list?!) 
"Instead of focusing on timeouts, endless diapers, dirty floors, hours of homework, force-fed dinners, lies and disobedience from your children- what can you see?  How about chances for showing them Jesus, an opportunity for fun and something out of the ordinary!  Allow yourself to step out of insanity and live a life filled with grace and joy!"
Yes, the things listed above are greatly important in training and teaching our children, but with so much daily repetition we can forget the bigger picture and why we are training in the first place.  We want to raise our children to grow to know & love the Lord and share Him with others- but if they do not see our joy that overflows from the grace of Christ then all they will see are rules and boring life.
"So I recommend having fun, because there is nothing better for
people in this world than to eat, drink & enjoy life."
Eccl. 8:15

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