Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kitchen/Hearth Room

 When we bought our house a year and a half ago, one of my favorite things was the open floor plan from the kitchen into the hearth room.  Before we moved in we had the first floor trim painted white- totally transforming and opening up the space even more.  

About 8 months after moving in, we finally got around to painting the kitchen cabinets (Simply White BM) and spray painting the existing gold hardware (Hammered Black Rustoleum- I think) 

The counters were laminate that had been painted a neutral yellow before we moved in.  Supposedly the counters used to be a sparkly gold, so while I was thankful they had been painted- I was trying to get away from yellow tones in this room.  We couldn't afford to replace them.  Since I knew we couldn't mess them up with paint because they already had been painted, we decided to try Rustoleum's Countertop paint in black to get rid of the peachy yellow color in the counters.  We also had some help painting the walls to finally give the entire room the look I was going for.  It may not be the quality that we would like to have eventually, but at least I have the color scheme and feel that I envisioned for the room.  The countertops were the last to be done & it's amazing how even just a little bit of the yellow hue changed to black can transform the whole kitchen!
   After we thought we had done all we could to the kitchen- I saw an ad on craiglist for a brand new Kohler sink & fixture for $150.  So my sweet husband installed it and got a perfect sermon illustration out of the whole experience.  Let's just say we are done with DIY for awhile!
But hey- it looks good!
I thought about painting the pantry door a fun color, but couldn't decide on one.  I used some leftover chalkboard paint and now it's one of my favorite spots in the room!  Gives the kids a fun place to draw- handy spot for list making- and even a fun place to track potty training :)

Off the kitchen is an eating area and then a carpeted hearth room.  One side leads out to the patio and the other side leads to a closet & the garage.  I wish I had a before picture of the fireplace!  It was wood on top and red brick surround.  I white-washed the brick (1/2 paint 1/2 water mixture- 2 coats painted on) with the intent of eventually painting it all white, but I ended up loving it!  It gives just enough texture without letting out too much color from the brick and clashing with our red couch.  Cheaper to spend $4 on a can of paint sample & water than to buy a new couch!
The wall color is BM Revere Pewter and I LOVE it! (You can see in the picture above and below- the walls were a neutral yellow/tan before.)

Real life:
Vera has been one for two months now :)
Vali wouldn't move for the picture.
The carpet is so dirty! No amount of cleaning can help it! We are saving to do something about it since this is the room with the most traffic in and out of the garage and back door.  Rug would either need to be HUGE or angled because the doors on either side of the room are not across from each other (if that makes any sense)
And why do high chairs have to be so ugly? or expensive?!

There used to be two rusted can lights above the fireplace.  We found those two pendants for $19 each at a warehouse north of Cincinnati & my handyman hubby replaced them! (He also switched out the can light over the sink in the kitchen for the same pendant) We might have gotten in an argument, almost electrocuted ourselves & watched way to many DIY youtube videos, but they look good!
I LOVE this artwork I found on clearance at Kirklands:
The kitchen light seen below used to have a gold chain wrapped around it and the gold accents.  I just removed the chain- little holes circle the edge, but it's better than before... and a little black paint on the extra gold accents- cheap fix!
This kitchen table light fixture was on major clearance at the Ballard Design outlet in Cincinnati!
and those flowers from the back yard were knocked over approximately one hour after this photo :)

Changing table: cheap at goodwill (used to be brown & in JR's nursery {here})
Ikea curtains & rod
Old frames painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint & one is simply wrapped in fabric with tape on the back!

It's amazing how slow projects take with a budget and two toddlers, but boy, does it make you appreciate it when your vision for the space starts to take shape!  Hope to share some more rooms that are in progress and some DIY projects soon :)  Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Surprised by Motherhood - by Lisa-Jo Baker

Lisa-Jo Baker writes with words taken straight from my heart.  Some of the emotions I didn't realize I felt until I read them on her pages and others I have thought but could never have written so beautifully.
Our stories are quite different.  When I first read that she never wanted children or had the desire to be a mom, I thought I might not be able to relate to this book.  I've always dreamed of being a mother as long as I can remember.  But whether you have played mommy since preschool or having children was the farthest from your mind-- entering motherhood rocks your world.  You can never prepare for it whether it was planned or not.

"Becoming a parent is a lot like breaking up with yourself... Children arrive and blow through what used to be your routine... The old you is left in the wake of washing out bottles and warming milk and walking five hundred miles of carpet."

More than just motherhood, Lisa-Jo spoke into areas of my life where God has been teaching and growing me.  She shares of her moves around the world and her discoveries about what true faith in God means; the pain of losing her mother and the beauty she experienced as she became a mother to her daughter.

"And what makes me happy is not necessarily what draws me closer to the God who knows my every nook and cranny.  It turns out He loves me enough to say no when, as every parent understands, saying yes would have been so much simpler, with less call for temper tantrums."

Lisa-Jo Baker's book has challenged me to breathe in the beautiful life God has for me- soaking in my children and taking notice of the unique gifts God has placed in their little hearts.  I loved her authentic writing, sharing the imperfect and the messy. 

She is an encourager.  Rallying around us moms.  Simply sharing her story, God's story.  Our stories are so different, yet exactly the same.  I'm thankful I spent precious nap-times reading Surprised by Motherhood and I think you will be too.  :)

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10

(Check out her website {here} for free chapters & printables!)

Sneak Peek- Everyday Pitter Patter

I thought I would share a little sneak peek with all of you sweet blog readers :)
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Grace on Monday, and everyday.

"For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace."
John 1:16

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

JR & Papa D

JR loves playing with his Papa D! They came up with a fun game rolling a tennis ball up the road.  
As you can tell- JR is in big boy undies!  I still have him in pull-ups when we leave the house and during nap/bedtimes, but I'm so proud of him :)  It's been a little over a week of potty training.  It hasn't been without its struggles.  Whew- after one speedy, stinky exit from Chickfila last week- I almost swore I would keep him in diapers until college.  That's when I decided to keep him in pull-ups anytime we leave the house :) 

Monday, August 11, 2014

30A- Rosemary Beach Seacrest Alys Beach

So many wonderful moments on our vacation, but I sure enjoyed just loading the kids in the stroller and walking around... taking in the scenery, architecture and little towns. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

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Photography- What is going on outside the frame?

As I weed through all of my photos, I am always quick to delete and sort.  I usually have a few variations of each shot that can be deleted.  Great photographers can set everything up, frame the photo and take one shot- knowing they got just what they wanted.  I try this as much as I can (because even though it's digital it still is a waste of time to go through and delete photos) but to be honest when photographing kids it's pretty difficult. Constant wiggling, background changes, funny expressions- one move and you either miss or capture the perfect moment.  I went through some photos from our beach trip and thought I would share a few examples:
 If I had waited for the look below before I started snapping I would have missed the photo above.
Most would overlook it, but for anyone who knows JR, it perfectly captures his favorite word these days- "Why?" Sometimes when I photograph other people's children I keep a few of the awkward or interesting poses/expressions because I may have captured something special to the parents that portrays their child's personality.

 The photo above caught his sweet little smirk, but I waited one more second and took another after the background cleared.  It allows you to focus more on the boys and not be distracted by their sister in the background.

 Sometimes with busy babies & toddlers- safety is the main concern! 
I loved this ledge at Alys Beach (in the shade, but all the white still bounced around plenty of light)
but Vera is quite the climber... well so is John Ryman...
 With the right amount of cropping, you would never know Daddy was ready to catch 
any wiggly babies just below.  Just make sure they stay low enough to be out of the frame!

 And while it's nice to have pretty smiling family photos, 
sometimes my favorites capture the reality and a little attitude :)
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Beautiful Nieces

These pretty girls are my nieces- the 3 oldest granddaughters. Patrick's mom made their sweet dresses and we did a little photoshoot on the beach :)  Aren't they adorable?!

Love these girls & wish we were still hanging out on the beach together :)

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