Friday, September 19, 2014

Etsy- Friday Favorites!

Wow- I never realized what a neat community Etsy was until I opened my shop!  So many sweet owners & designers... I would love to share a few with you each Friday and if you have any you would like to recommend or share feel free to comment below or link to your own "Etsy Friday Favorite" blog post :)

First up... Max Moccs
Adorable packaging (my order shown above), great customer service & amazing quality! Vera & John Ryman have a pair of the butterscotch (shown above) and Vera also has a pair of the mustard yellow... might just be my favorite!  But check out what will be released on September 26th:
Those boots sure are perfect for fall, but so are these furry moccs...
 You will not be disappointed with any of her handmade, soft-soled, genuine leather moccasins!

Next for us girls...
Y'all know I love a good cup of coffee & 
even more so when I can enjoy it in a beautiful mug like this one!
She has so many cute designs- not just on mugs...
I would love to have this canvas in our home one day &
I think my desk needs one or two of her notepads ;)

Sweet customer service, neat packaging & gorgeous designs.
What would you pick from Lettered Life's calligraphy?

I would love to hear from you! Comment below or
email me at with any suggestions :)

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