Monday, September 8, 2014

The Heart of Everyday Pitter Patter

You all have blown me away with your encouragement, support and love of scarves.
Thank you, Thank you!

I started Everyday Pitter Patter on a whim after a little nudge from my husband, but honestly, looking back, it has been years in the making.  Whether it was fear, feelings of inadequacy or simply wrong timing, up until two months ago I pushed away any plans for a business or shop.  But what's the worst that could happen-- no one buys anything and I have tons of scarves for Christmas gifts ;)

Well, you have bought, gifted & shared them.  I have sewn, restocked, and packaged.  Some styles have flopped and others I have learned adjusted patterns and sizing.  I'm sure this will be an ever-changing and hopefully ever-improving little shop!  But I realized I kinda got ahead of myself and needed to take a step back.  What was the heart & motivation behind Everyday Pitter Patter Shop and my dream for the future?

Don't worry, I'm not going to share everything with you.  I just want you to know the heart behind Everyday Pitter Patter is to share beauty & joy with others and encourage the spirit of giving.  

I hope there are many ways that we can all do this together!  More than just beautiful scarves and great customer service, each month I would like to give to a greater cause and invite you to join me!  Starting in October, there will be one scarf design each month that will be sold and all profits from that scarf line will go directly to a family that is in the process of adoption.  I look forward to sharing these families and their stories, supporting them with our prayers and money. 

(We are currently looking for families that are raising funds, waiting and praying through the adoption process.  If you or someone you know would like to be featured for one of our monthly adoptive families please email me!

Another way I want to encourage you with a spirit of giving...
Anyone who purchases something from the shop that will be given as a gift to someone else will always receive 10% off their entire purchase.  "GIVING10" can be used in the Coupon Code section during checkout.  (If you ever want to use more than one code -Etsy only allows one- so simply leave a note in the comments section of your order and I can adjust after it goes through!) 

So please treat your friends to a special treat in the mail (I can even ship straight to them!) and help me support families through the adoption process.  And we can share in beauty and joy along the way!

Oh, Let me introduce you to my assistant... John Ryman.
He is my mailman, sewing pedal speed racer, and my hourly entertainment!

(If you are a creative or business owner or simply interested- highly recommend {dreamjobshop} and her current training series!)

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