Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favorites- Etsy

The first shop I want to share is called...

Modernly Mae

I'm loving these simple felted garlands.  I think they would be a fun way to add color throughout different seasons, create a unique display for a party or add texture to a wall collage!  Which one is your favorite?  I'm all about the fall colors right now...

Happy Homestead Botanicals

I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon Mandi's Shop last year, but I ended up ordering some of her Fancy Face Oil to use as my facial cleanser... yes that's right, oils as my cleanser.  I was a little skeptical at first because I tend to have oily/combination skin.  I'm sure she can explain it a lot better- but from what I understand if you replenish your skin with good oils, it's better than stripping your skin with drying cleanser to try & remove oil... which leads to your skin over-producing the oil you were trying to dry out!

I use it to remove my makeup and to cleanse my skin in the evening.  It is so refreshing & lasts a LONG time!  Although I miss a good lather from my old cleansers, I love the fancy face oil!  I look forward to trying more of Mandi's products & I love that she creates products for women fighting breast cancer.

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