Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October "Give" Family- The Blandfords

I'm so excited to share with you all the family behind this month's Give scarf. For the entire month of October, all of the profit from the black & white polka dot scarf will be sent straight to the Blandford family to help with their adoption funds.  I've asked Jennifer to share a little more of their adoption story with us...

We've always known that we were going to adopt.  It was a call God gave me on a mission trip when I was 15 and at the time people thought I was crazy!  As most God-given dreams go, our journey hasn't gone the way we initially imagined.  We were blessed with 2 biological kids before we started our adoption journey.  Currently, we are in our home study and hope to have that completed by January.
The beauty in God writing our story is that he has totally changed our hearts in the process.  We were actually in the beginning stages of an international adoption, when we found out that I was pregnant with our daughter.  We wanted an international adoption because it would be a closed adoption.  Over the last 5 years God has radically changed our hearts and we are now working toward a domestic open adoption.  While we know that this isn't the choice for everyone, we are thankful for this call for us.  

The hardest part of our journey at this point is all the unknowns that await us.  When I was pregnant, we knew that in 9 months we would have a baby in our arms.  There is so much uncertainty about the road ahead.  It can feel overwhelming!

The greatest joy has been how loved and supported we have felt on our journey.  There has been such an outpouring of support by our friends and family.  We are overwhelmed by the way that God is using so many people to bless our family!

God is teaching us so much on this journey!  Patience has been and will continue to be huge for us.  God's timing doesn't always align with our timing and we aren't usually ok with waiting.  We've also learned that it's good to ask for help.  We have reached out to so many people for fundraising opportunities and we have been blown away by peoples' response!  We have continually been met with grace and provision.  We have been repeatedly reminded that God is a faithful provider. 


If you would like to hear more from Jennifer and her family, you can read updates on their blog {BEBmakesThree}
100% of the profit from the give scarf will go directly to help fund the Blandford's adoption journey.  
Click {here} to purchase a give scarf from my Etsy shop and share with your friends!  

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