Thursday, October 16, 2014

So long, Summer

Looking back on our summer, the one thing I will treasure is watching these two
learn to play together.  Yes, there was yelling and pulling and tears.
But there was also lots of laughter and... "Here, fafa" - "Bubba" - "It's okay mommy, I got her"
Her little legs running so fast to the steps when she would hear Bubba wake up from his nap.
His little voice telling her a story or mimicking my directions to him back to her. 
Or trying to tempt her with one toy so he could steal the one in her hand ;)
He loves to help and she loves to do it on her own.
Sweet summer- you taught us all so much.


  1. Beautiful photos, Savannah - and such precious models! I so enjoy receiving Everyday Pitter Patter in my In Box in the mornings - puts a smile on my face. (Oh, and my coffee helps too!)

    1. You are so sweet Debi! Loved meeting you the other day :)