Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Honest Company- Recent Favorites

The Air & Fabric Freshener is the newest item this month in my Essentials Bundle.  I love the scent and how fresh it makes our room smell.  Now I need one for the guest room!
The Shave Oil will change your life.  It's amazing how little you need to use.  Although I do have it coming in my next month's order because Patrick has stolen it from me :)   Maybe a unique Christmas gift for your man with one of those old school razor kits...
The kids and I use the Conditioning Mist daily.  It's great to detangle hair after a bath or when their curls need a little boost without having to wet their entire head of hair.  I use it on my hair whether I am styling mine straight or scrunching it into curls.  Smells wonderful!
These two are our winter favorites!  The kids love the bubble bath- one more inside activity during the winter :) and the healing balm is essential through the winter.  We all use it- as hand lotion, chapped lips, all over!  JR's skin is really sensitive and his legs get pretty dry.  This Healing Balm has been a life-saver for his skin!

Click {here} for a free trial or check out their other Bundle options.  Target also has several Honest items in stock for you to try. (just a hint- they are way more expensive in Target- bundles save tons of money and you don't have to push a cart full of diapers and toiletries)


  1. Thanks for the review. I have heard and read a lot about the company and products, but haven't tried yet.

  2. We LOVE the shave oil! I have all of those except the conditioner spray, I'll have to heck it out. My new favorite is their kitchen spray (can't remember the name) & lip balm.