Monday, November 17, 2014

John Ryman- my Christmas Boy

John Ryman will turn 3 on Christmas Eve.  Such a little boy now. 
His precious little voice asks questions all day long.  And if he wants to talk serious, his voice takes on a deeper tone which makes me laugh every time.  He has been asking to get out our Christmas train, well, since last January.  So we said when we saw the first snow flurries we could get it from the attic!  Of course John Ryman spotted flurries while Patrick was out of town, so the next day when he got home, you better believe JR was waiting at the garage door ready to get the train out!  He takes his train job very seriously and makes sure everyone know the difference between the engines and the caboose and where the smoke comes out :)  He even introduced himself to someone at church "John Ryman Garcia and I have a Christmas train and there is an engine..." 
JR is always asking, always testing, and always smiling.  I love that at my most exhausted moments his little voice can tell me just what I need to hear.  Here's to celebrating this season with my Christmas boy!   

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  1. You are both BEYOND precious. I love these photos and love you two.