Friday, November 14, 2014

My New Creative Workspace

 I'm so excited to finally have an area for Everyday Pitter Patter! This is our guest room, so I still needed room to pull out the trundle & accommodate friends.  Thankfully the closet is huge! So I took down the old wooden sliding doors, painted all the walls white and the trim gray and accessorized with items I had around the house or already in here for the guest room.  The only things purchased new for this area: 2 white bookshelves from Target, fur throw & duvet from Ikea. 
 The paint was leftover from all our upstairs trim projects (getting rid of so much dark wood!!) and while I might have chosen a something a little different... I love how it opened up the room, allows for great light & background in product photos, and has a little sheen to it :)

I love having my packing supplies within reach & extra special having your kind thank-you notes on display! I'm so thankful for each of my buyers and I love having your encouragement as a reminder each day.  And those scarf shelves were just FULL- y'all keep impressing me with your early Christmas shopping.  Hoping to restock on the fabric that's still available soon!

I always knew I wanted to turn my guest room into a creative working space... even more so after opening my Etsy shop and taking over our dining room table.  It can be difficult to try to get work done with little hands everywhere.  I wanted an area of organization & beauty where I could close the door and keep inventory out of reach!  I can shut the armoire doors and close the curtains to hide all of the accessories.  After planning & dreaming I was motivated to finish my creative area after seeing beautiful inspiration from WeWork.  It's a co-working company that aims to inspire creative people to do what they love.  And my goodness, if you need some more inspiration check out their pinterest board- so many amazing work spaces! 
And for small business owners or entrepreneur friends-- this magazine is full of great articles.
If you would like to know more about WeWork, check out their locations page to see if they are in an area near you!
 Now let's see how long I can keep this room organized!!
Curtains, Lamp & Shelving {Target}
Pillows & Art over bed {WorldMarket}
Custom Pitter Patter Hangers {HandcraftedAffairs}
Fur, Duvet & little green plants {Ikea}
and all of the others are from TJMaxx, my mom, or yard sales!

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