Tuesday, December 23, 2014

NYC-Brooklyn Christmas Trip

Patrick and I had an amazing visit to New York spending time with his sister Rebecca.  These are the few photos I took with my real camera- the rest were on instagram from our trip :) - since it was rainy or super cold most of the days it wasn't easy to lug my camera around.  We walked all over this beautiful city, ate the most delicious food, enjoyed every day seeing Rebecca's home and favorite places... we even got to meet up with some dear friends for sight-seeing, UL game and a Les Miserables!

A few of our favorites:
Juliana's Pizza
Henry Public
Chobani Soho
Patsy's Italian
Dominique Ansel's Bakery 
Beygl Park Slope
Shake Shack- and their hot chocolate :)
and way too many other places we ate at in between meals :)

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