Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stitch Fix- My Personal Review

Last year, I ordered two shipments from Stitch Fix near my birthday.  I was amazed by the ease of the process.  I kept jeans, a top and shorts last year- although I loved almost every piece!  I still think about a coral leather bag that was in one of the fixes, but keeping every piece was totally out of the budget :) The jeans in my first box fit perfectly!  I thought it was a total fluke- because it usually takes store after store and tons of returns before I find jeans that work (especially in the post-baby awkwardness) but after 3 successful fixes and hearing from tons of other women...  the incredible pants fit & selection seems to be the favorite part of everyone's experience.

This time around I was looking specifically for a new spring dress and a pair of jeans.  I needed another pair since I wear my first Stitch Fix pair several times a week!  Each order is $20 up front, but that money goes towards any item you purchase.  I suppose you would be out $20 if you didn't pick any items, but I highly doubt that will be the case if you fill out your style profile accurately.

The Key to Stitch Fix is to be extremely honest in your style profile about size, fit and style AND be very detailed in your message to your stylist! 
(Areas you want to conceal or accentuate... your typical frustrations you have when shopping or fitting clothes that you want to avoid... an event you have coming up where you need an outfit...)
In my box this month, I received two dresses (left blue maxi and right knee length) a simple thin sweater top, Kensie jeans, and one necklace.  Each piece fit perfectly!  The jeans were long enough, tops were the perfect neckline for me & the necklace was a great accessory for it all!  Obviously my budget did not allow for me to keep all the items, but if it had- you always receive 25% off the entire 5 items! So if you're on the edge about one last item it is probably cheaper to go ahead and buy all 5.  I kept the top right dress and the jeans (which was the most expensive item $88 but the one I needed the most).  I didn't really need a necklace, the deep red sweater fit great but for $34 didn't seem like anything too special and the maxi dress was super comfy but maybe in a different color. 

So after I clicked on the "checkout" option in my email- I left feedback on each item for my stylist.  (More unique piece for a top next time... not any cobalt blue... perfect fit for jeans... love the neckline on the blue lace dress...etc)  Then I just packaged up what I didn't want in the envelope they provide in the box & placed it in my mailbox. 

And all of this happened while I was snowed in at the house :)  Dreamy! 

Now the inner TJMaxxer & Clearance shopper in me wishes I could just peruse aisle after aisle and wait patiently for my favorites to go on sale... and Yes, that worked 3.5 years ago!  But honestly I've put my own style and sale hunting time at the bottom of my to-do list because its not nearly as enjoyable with two toddlers.  I've decided that I need to spend a bit more on fewer key pieces in my wardrobe.  There are sections where you can list your desired price range for different items, but it will never be as low as a Target dress or sale rack find.  So this is not for my sister who can walk into goodwill and find $5 designer shoes that fit perfectly and it's not always budget friendly or a monthly membership for every person.  Although $88 for a perfect jeans mailed to your snowy doorstep may sound worth the $ to some of you.  I have only received three boxes in the last year.  Two for my birthdays & one specifically to find jeans I had been saving for :) and I had a little credit in my account as well!

What I love about Stitch Fix...
- I can schedule a fix as often or little as needed (my account was on hold for over 6 months!)
- Stylist help! I can leave a message and request something even more specific than shown in my style profile.  
- Try-on at home! No kids in dressing rooms, no hassle of going store to store :)
- If your friends order a box with your referral code you get $25 off coupon!
- I can throw my returns in the bag & place in the mailbox- so easy!
- Each item comes with a little card showing two different styling ideas- so helpful!

 and how gorgeous is this skirt for spring:


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