Saturday, April 4, 2015

Simple Easter Decor

 Once I steam my chair covers & take my sewing machine off one end of the table ;) I'll show you all more of my new dining room table from Louisville Farm Tables.  I absolutely love it!  (I chose the white legs with the dark stain on top.)

Here are some of the kids favorite Easter books:
A few ideas to save money on seasonal items...
My mom went into Half Price Books and found tons of Easter books in great condition for $1 each! I always forget to run in that store, but I'll never buy books anywhere else now!  And I always save $5-$10 for after each season to browse the 75% off clearance.  Then it's extra exciting to get out your (cheap) new Easter decor the next year!  Even little things like festive paper plates or an Easter banner can save you lots of money next year.

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