Friday, May 15, 2015

Baby Bunnies in the Garden!

Last week, I heard some squeaking outside & saw Vali laying in the grass.  I thought she had found a baby bird, but I found a little baby bunny instead.  Thankfully Vali was gentle with it and kept him safe, but until we figured out what to do I put it in a rubbermaid.  Patrick got home shortly after and we found 4 more baby bunnies hopping in the garden!

We snuggled all the bunnies up in the rubbermaid and laid it on its side next to their nest.  The nest was actually hidden under a daybed and quilt in the yard- pretty smart spot!  We hoped the rubbermaid might protect them but keep the bunnies close if their mama came back to them.  They were alert & at least a few weeks old so we weren't sure if she would come back to them.

 The sweet mama has come to visit every evening and morning- actually cuddling them back into their own nest.  Vali guards them during the day :) Pretty sure they are ready to be on their own and leave our yard, but they're welcome back anytime as long as they don't nibble too much lettuce!

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