Friday, June 12, 2015

Stitch Fix #5- Box Details, my Favorites & my Review

 My next Stitch Fix arrived in the mail!  The kids always love getting the mail with me, but when it comes to my Stitch Fix box I usually wait to open it until they are napping or in bed so DI can have fun opening it :)
 I love that my stylist explained her choices in this note below... and even recommended pairing one of the items with something from a few fixes ago.
 I loved all three shirts- the fit & the colors!  I loved the back on this first one- with the key hole and sheer mint back:
 Gorgeous details on the front of this one:
 And this had a pretty back as well (I liked the first two shirts better though)
 I loved these shorts! They were a great length and super comfy- just not sure how often I would wear them.
 And the last item- dainty gold earrings.  Really pretty, but I actually have a pair that is similar.
 Like every fix, my choices depend on what fits my budget and what item will get the most use.  I'm glad that all of the pieces fit and I loved each one, but it does make it hard to decide which to keep!! 

Have you all tried StitchFix?  Any favorite pieces you have received in your box? Feel free to leave a link in the comments if you have written a review on your own blog!

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