Friday, August 28, 2015

Stitch Fix #7: My Favorites, My Review- Getting ready for Fall!

 This was my 7th Stitch Fix and it has me all ready for Fall weather!!

 This elephant shirt was waiting right on top :) 
It's a lightweight material- perfect for layering this fall!
My black & white shirt from {this fix} and mint tan shirt from one of my first fixes
 are the same style and fit- my stylist did a great job 
picking up on what I love & chose in the other fixes!
 Pretty details make this simple shirt feel a little dressier:

 This navy and light blue shirt was SUPER soft
and long enough for leggings this fall!
 This sweater made me ready for fall!
The texture and length and pockets- perfect.

 This black shirt was hard to photograph, but it was the same super soft fabric
as the blue striped one above.  Felt so good on, perfect neckline and I liked that the 
sleeves and waist were fitted.  It was a little more than I felt I could pay for a 
simple black shirt, but it made me realize I need to find a cheaper black shirt to 
add to my wardrobe- can't believe I didn't have one!  Oh, but it was so soft :)
 This sweater was the only piece of the fix that I didn't love.
The scalloped detail was really pretty, but I didn't love the color.
The texture was a little itchy and the sleeves were too short and baggy- not the most flattering.
Which pieces would you keep?  I need some help deciding!
Here is a sneak peek of my Fall Scarf Collection- Sept. 1st-
Pairs pretty well with my Stitch Fix...