Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Everyday Pitter Patter BLACK FRIDAY SALES!

Starting today through Cyber Monday at midnight, we are having some HUGE Sales over at Everyday Pitter Patter!
 (no code needed on the Sale Price of the Gray/Black Houndstooth!)

Just a reminder... if you want to use more than one coupon code, simply leave a note with your order or message me on Etsy within 24 hrs of your purchase.  If it is the correct code, I will simply refund you for whatever is the cost of the extra discount!  Happy Shopping- perfect stocking stuffers and gifts that are sure to fit and be loved by any friend, sister, or mom!

Follow on Instagram @everydaypitpat for some other surprises throughout the weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Black Friday Sales, Giveaways and my Favorite Shops!

It's the time when we can all get our Christmas shopping finished and buy everything we do not need just because it's on sale!  And this isn't just confined to Friday anymore- lots of sales are already happening and continuing through Cyber Monday.  I thought I would share a few shops that I have my eye on over this Black Friday shopping extravaganza... we've gotta help each other out and share the sales! 
If you haven't heard of my love for Root Makeup products, then you must not be following me on Instagram ;) (@everydaypitpat) Root is packing this Thanksgiving full of sales, giveaways and new products that you won't want to miss!  "Pretty Points" just started on the Root website- you can earn pretty points by creating an account, visiting the website, purchases, referring friends and more to help you earn free products! So head over to the Root Website {here} and create your wish list, so you are ready for the sales to hit!  Use my coupon code "Savannahg" for 10% off your first order! One of the first sales Wednesday- if you spend $75 you get their 100% Lash Natural Mascara for FREE! (all natural ingredients and smells like vanilla**) Special $25 Gift Card giveaways are already going on Instagram {@rootpretty}
Stella Bella Boutique is restocking a ton of gorgeous necklaces and druzy posts Wednesday at 9am Eastern!!  I plan on sharing more about her newest line of necklaces "The Stones Collection" in a future post, but I promise you will want to check these out! This beautiful line sold out extremely fast and will probably go quick tomorrow after her restock so set your alarms. I think one of the Stones Necklaces would be the perfect heartfelt gift for a friend or family member this Christmas, but maybe it is a gift you want to add to your list. Something to wear as a reminder throughout the overwhelming holiday season- it's okay to treat yourself ;) Follow on Instagram {here} for sale announcements!
Other Shops I'm following for special sales: 
Blanqi Maternity: I've heard their leggings are amazing during pregnancy and after!
Wild Explorers: My favorite shop for moccasins and now tees and raglans!  Vera has worn her gold moccs for one full year (amazing quality!) and it's time for a new pair. I'm pretty sure JR needs the "It's Adventure Time" shirt to wear when new baby brother is born :)
Solly Baby: Baby Wraps (Sale goes live Thursday at 12 AM EST)
Sloan & Co: The sweetest bracelets and tees- would be precious as a stocking stuffer! (Sale starts at 8 PM PST Thanksgiving through Monday)
Evy's Tree: The Sales are already going on now!! Luxury Hoodies, I mean :) I've had my eye on these for awhile and some would even fit a baby bump! BOGO 60% off plus double rewards to earn towards free pieces.
K. Slade: American Made Handbags and Leather- so gorgeous! Definitely one of those unique special gifts for someone you love... or the gift you hint to everyone and write 3 times on your wish list ;) Check out her Instagram {here} from Friday-Monday for sale announcements. And don't forget to add a monogram! There's nothing better than a personalized Christmas gift.
E&E Teepees: Because what child (or adult) doesn't want a Teepee for Christmas!?!? Great deals on 4 of her teepee styles already on sale in the shop!
I wish I was organized this year and had our Christmas Cards ready!  I usually try to order them on Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get the best deals from Minted or MPixPro.

Of course Everyday Pitter Patter will be having some HUGE sales starting Wednesday!!!  Check back here and on Instagram for all the details :)

Now, I helped y'all out with some sale details... what shops did I miss?  Which ones are on your list that we need to know about?  Or are you braving the crowds and going into actual stores- haha!  Good Luck!

Monday, November 23, 2015

It's A Boy!!

 We had our first ultrasound & anatomy scan yesterday and found out we are having a baby BOY! 
 I thought for sure it was a girl and most of the family thought girl as well, I think because usually my intuition has been correct in the past :) but John Ryman sure thought it was a boy.  He did not stop smiling in the ultrasound room after the sweet lady said "It's a boy!"  Vera was just glad to get two blue suckers and extra cookies from the office staff!  They loved seeing five fingers as he waved to the screen, two feet crossed and kicking and a strong beating heart.  (and JR thought the spine was extra cool!) He is measuring 2 weeks bigger than my original April 12th due date- haha- so they will remeasure him around 28 weeks and see if maybe he just hit a growth spurt before these scans or if they need to bump up the due date. I'll try to post those precious photos soon- he was being super cooperative as he was photographed so I'm hoping that is an indication of his demeanor :)
 John Ryman is so happy to have a little brother and roommate. He already wants to buy him some trucks and trains!  Vera said yesterday that now she will have "two bubbas" but when asked today at her Mom's Morning Out class what mommy was having she said "little baby sister"... so she might still be confused.  And she told her teachers the name options are Ralphie and Fluffy! We don't have any ideas for names right now, but I'm pretty sure those two won't be on the list.
 Cheers to adding another precious boy to our family!
See John Ryman's Gender Reveal {here} and Vera's {here}

Friday, November 13, 2015

Pumpkin Carving & Halloween

Clearly, we are not professional pumpkin carvers :) but I am just glad we actually got around to carving them this year!  Vera requested a princess pumpkin and John Ryman wanted batman. Patrick toasted all the pumpkin seeds- a salty olive oil batch & a pumpkin spice and sugar batch- so delicious!

Trick or Treating was a little rainy by the time we left church on Saturday night, but the kids still loved it!  John Ryman was Superman and Vera was Doc McStuffins :) It was fun not having to carry anyone this year & just let them walk with their big bags of candy.  Vera was so specific asking each house for "two pieces, two candies please" while holding up 3 fingers and then singing Doc McStuffins from house to house.  Here are a few blurry iphone photos:

Monday, November 9, 2015

Stitch Fix #8: My First Maternity Box Review

 I was so excited for this Stitch Fix box to arrive!  This is my third pregnancy, so my belly is growing a little faster than the last two times :) I never purchased many nice "brand name" maternity clothes in the past and each time I say I want to spend more on a good pair of jeans! So that was my main hope for this box.  The majority of my maternity clothes are either from Target clearance or awesome hand-me-downs from my sweet sisters-in-law, but I did not have one pair of pants that fit!  I went to Target to see their options and they only had one style of maternity jeans in a light denim flare that were high waters on me - YIKES! So, with that being are the 5 items I received in my box.  The styling fee is $20, but the $20 goes towards your purchase so you are only out that money if you do not keep at least one item.  I've never had that issue!
 Super cute statement necklace- I have a similar one, so I returned this one.
The jeans! I love that they have the belly band.  Some people prefer a low waist band, but as my belly grows I like having a little extra coverage ;) These jeans have lots of stretch and are extremely comfortable!  They are the perfect length for me, which is hard for me to find in maternity sizing. If I were keeping them for regular wear I might have sized down one size, but since I will be only getting bigger I didn't want to risk them getting too small.  And after washing they tighten back up a little bit.  I definitely kept these and have worn them every day since I received my box!  I was thankful to have lots of maternity shirts already from Patrick's sisters and now I can actually wear them with comfortable jeans.  The dark wash also makes them easy to dress up if needed.  These jeans were $78, double the price of the Target jeans, but no comparison in how they fit and feel!
 The other 3 items were the softest shirts I've ever felt! They were long-waisted with ruching on the sides to allow for growth all the way until my due date.  I didn't keep these three because I splurged on the jeans and I have enough maternity shirts right now.  I really wanted to keep the mustard and navy one though! 

I think my favorite thing about Stitch Fix during pregnancy- other than not trying on clothes in a dressing room!!- is that they provide style tips and ideas for each piece they send you.  (see the first photo in this post) So even though I didn't keep the three shirts below, my stylist gave me 6 outfit ideas and styling tips in her notes.  I definitely feel like I get stuck wearing the same comfy outfits every day, then add pregnancy and exhaustion... I'm even more that way! 

 And this is what happens when you try to take a photo of your new jeans and your 3 year old insists on being the photographer :)
 Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  Any maternity clothes styling tips?  I'm still on the lookout for a great pair of leggings, so I don't have to wear my new jeans every day.  Any ideas?