Monday, November 23, 2015

It's A Boy!!

 We had our first ultrasound & anatomy scan yesterday and found out we are having a baby BOY! 
 I thought for sure it was a girl and most of the family thought girl as well, I think because usually my intuition has been correct in the past :) but John Ryman sure thought it was a boy.  He did not stop smiling in the ultrasound room after the sweet lady said "It's a boy!"  Vera was just glad to get two blue suckers and extra cookies from the office staff!  They loved seeing five fingers as he waved to the screen, two feet crossed and kicking and a strong beating heart.  (and JR thought the spine was extra cool!) He is measuring 2 weeks bigger than my original April 12th due date- haha- so they will remeasure him around 28 weeks and see if maybe he just hit a growth spurt before these scans or if they need to bump up the due date. I'll try to post those precious photos soon- he was being super cooperative as he was photographed so I'm hoping that is an indication of his demeanor :)
 John Ryman is so happy to have a little brother and roommate. He already wants to buy him some trucks and trains!  Vera said yesterday that now she will have "two bubbas" but when asked today at her Mom's Morning Out class what mommy was having she said "little baby sister"... so she might still be confused.  And she told her teachers the name options are Ralphie and Fluffy! We don't have any ideas for names right now, but I'm pretty sure those two won't be on the list.
 Cheers to adding another precious boy to our family!
See John Ryman's Gender Reveal {here} and Vera's {here}

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