Monday, November 9, 2015

Stitch Fix #8: My First Maternity Box Review

 I was so excited for this Stitch Fix box to arrive!  This is my third pregnancy, so my belly is growing a little faster than the last two times :) I never purchased many nice "brand name" maternity clothes in the past and each time I say I want to spend more on a good pair of jeans! So that was my main hope for this box.  The majority of my maternity clothes are either from Target clearance or awesome hand-me-downs from my sweet sisters-in-law, but I did not have one pair of pants that fit!  I went to Target to see their options and they only had one style of maternity jeans in a light denim flare that were high waters on me - YIKES! So, with that being are the 5 items I received in my box.  The styling fee is $20, but the $20 goes towards your purchase so you are only out that money if you do not keep at least one item.  I've never had that issue!
 Super cute statement necklace- I have a similar one, so I returned this one.
The jeans! I love that they have the belly band.  Some people prefer a low waist band, but as my belly grows I like having a little extra coverage ;) These jeans have lots of stretch and are extremely comfortable!  They are the perfect length for me, which is hard for me to find in maternity sizing. If I were keeping them for regular wear I might have sized down one size, but since I will be only getting bigger I didn't want to risk them getting too small.  And after washing they tighten back up a little bit.  I definitely kept these and have worn them every day since I received my box!  I was thankful to have lots of maternity shirts already from Patrick's sisters and now I can actually wear them with comfortable jeans.  The dark wash also makes them easy to dress up if needed.  These jeans were $78, double the price of the Target jeans, but no comparison in how they fit and feel!
 The other 3 items were the softest shirts I've ever felt! They were long-waisted with ruching on the sides to allow for growth all the way until my due date.  I didn't keep these three because I splurged on the jeans and I have enough maternity shirts right now.  I really wanted to keep the mustard and navy one though! 

I think my favorite thing about Stitch Fix during pregnancy- other than not trying on clothes in a dressing room!!- is that they provide style tips and ideas for each piece they send you.  (see the first photo in this post) So even though I didn't keep the three shirts below, my stylist gave me 6 outfit ideas and styling tips in her notes.  I definitely feel like I get stuck wearing the same comfy outfits every day, then add pregnancy and exhaustion... I'm even more that way! 

 And this is what happens when you try to take a photo of your new jeans and your 3 year old insists on being the photographer :)
 Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  Any maternity clothes styling tips?  I'm still on the lookout for a great pair of leggings, so I don't have to wear my new jeans every day.  Any ideas?

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