Monday, January 18, 2016

Half Bath- Downstairs Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

When we first moved into our house almost three years ago, this downstairs bathroom was painted a yellow gold (over wallpaper) and the sink base was a dark wood with brass fixtures.
One of my first projects after we moved in was to paint the cabinet base a coral color and add new knobs to the cabinet doors.  It was super easy to paint other than the fact I was 9 months pregnant :)  It stayed that way for awhile until we had leftover paint from our dining room and decided to use it in the bathroom.  
The current color is Comfort Gray from Benjamin Moore.  It's amazing how the paint color can look so different from one room to the next, but I love the subtle mint gray blue in both the bathroom and dining room!  
Once the walls were painted, the coral cabinet base had to go!  I found a sample paint can in our garage that was a deep blue- kind of like a navy with a hint of gray.  Unfortunately I have no idea what the name is, but I had just enough to paint the cabinet and a little antique shelf that I use as a toilet paper holder.
Fast forward to a couple months ago when we had a Lowe's gift card and the toilet wasn't working too well :)  We picked out a simple American Standard white toilet and I noticed a countertop in the clearance section (70% off the exact style I had been eyeing for awhile!!) as we were leaving... great news for me- bad news for Patrick!  Now he had to install a new toilet and a new countertop and faucet haha!  
He installed the new white toilet really fast- thanks to youtube videos.   The old counter popped right off the cabinet base, so once the faucet was unattached it all came apart pretty easily.  The new counter included the sink and we found a cheaper faucet to fit.  I was so glad we found the counter on sale because once he installed the white toilet, the cream outdated sink sure stood out!  I love the speckle and sparkle in the new sink countertop- even prettier in person.
Here is a look at the after...
Leftover Pure White Chalk Paint on the Bronze mirror
Leftover Comfort Gray Benjamin Moore on the walls
New Faucet (waited until it was on sale) {here}
New Toilet {similar here}
New Towel Bar from Target
New Counter & Sink- I can't find it online but this sample is similar {here}
Cabinet Knobs from Hobby Lobby
And I spray painted the floor vent (it was dirty tan) to a white that matched the trim.

 This was probably our cheapest renovation with the biggest results!  Keeping the cabinet base, flooring, lighting & only buying clearance or sale items from Lowe's (plus a gift card) saved us a ton of money.  And the fact that Patrick installed it himself and did a great job!  It's amazing how changing from cream to white can make such an incredible difference. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

First Snow Day of the Year!

 After the snow came, we had some sunny days and John Ryman was ready to go sledding at his favorite spot by the river!  Vera stepped out of the car and immediately wanted back inside, so we watched the boys in the warmth of the car with some snacks :)  They had so much fun!  We are getting excited for more snow in the forecast this week.