Sunday, March 27, 2016

Introducing baby Bauer!

 Bauer Stone Garcia
March 24, 2016 at 2:34am
7lbs 6oz     21.5 in.

Welcomed by very proud siblings- John Ryman and Vera :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Baby Essentials (Part 2- Pretty Things for Mama)

1- Blanc Micro Leather Mat from Gathre for diaper changes or wipe-able placemat
2- Striped Backpack from Target - I'm using this as my diaper bag
3- Coin Purse from K.Slade for gathering all the little things in a big diaper bag
4- Bunny in small from JellyCat for something soft and cuddly that still fits in a diaper bag
5- Infinity Scarf from Everyday Pitter Patter for quick accessorizing and nursing cover
... and my favorite Franco Sarto sunglasses from TJMaxx of course ;)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Photoshoot Tips

I know I'm not the only mother who wants a sweet Easter photo every year of the family. Well, I'll even just settle for one good photo of the kids on Easter! But I've learned that I will never get the photo I want on the actual day :) Patrick is usually headed off to church super early. I'm usually (always) running late getting the kids and myself ready, so a photo before church with their messy Easter baskets is pretty chaotic.

Then by the time we leave Easter service everyone is hungry and it's nap time. Dresses are wrinkled, stained or like last year one of them throws up on the way home!!! Haha Needless to say, I have decided to not worry myself with any Easter Day photos unless they just "happen". I set aside my camera and their outfits the week before and on the first sunny day that week when everyone is happy, we head outside to "play" while I snap away! No stress! Their outfits have time to be washed if the inevitable grass stain or spill happens. No timeline and pressure to have everyone smiling posing for one shot- just carefree play captured! And then all of us mamas have those holiday photos to glance at each year. We see how much they've grown or remember their favorite toy that year that never left their side. Sweet moments captured without the frazzled chaos or the forced photo as we left for church and attempted one posed photo by the front door.

So have your cameras or Iphones ready for a laid back Easter photoshoot this week.  And don't hesitate to pass out some Easter candy for even bigger smiles :)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Baby Essentials (Part 1)

 My favorite diapers from {Honest Company}
You have to check out all of their adorable patterns & prints- especially their new spring line!
 Simple Onesies- You can never have enough of these :) 
I love these from Target... and be sure to get a few side-snap outfits {here} for easy changing!

 Don't forget something pretty in your diaper bag for Mama!
I love my K.Slade Tip Pouch... and I've been eyeing this Ikat one in the sale section!
They are the perfect size to keep in a diaper bag to help organize all those little items.
Another Honest Company favorite- Healing Balm
Great for sensitive newborn skin and for mama as well!
And of course everyone needs an {Everyday Pitter Patter Necklace}!
Not only is it a pretty accessory, but perfect for busy hands that need distracting while nursing 
& for later on when teething starts :)  Tuggable, Chewable & Washable!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Last Spring

 I just came across these two blog posts from last spring {here} and {here}.  Vera has grown so much :) and we are all hoping mama bunny picks our yard again for her new babies.  John Ryman asks about our baby bunnies more than he does his baby brother's arrival!

Seed Planting Party

 This past week I had some friends over for a little Seed Planting Party!  I usually buy all of my plants at Lowe's or a local nursery and put them straight in the ground, but I've always wanted to start from seed.  Several friends had shared an interest in gardening & I figured it would be more fun to try it out together and not waste all of those extra seeds that come in a package. 

We all brought a different category of seeds (veggies, fruit, herbs, salads, flowers...) and I had a mixture of peat pots, starter kits, egg cartons/eggs, & dixie cups to fill with soil mix.  My starters were not as cute as Joanna Gaine's egg starters {see here} but those eggs are supposed to be good for your plants if you put them straight in the ground!  And if you're feel real crafty, try out her adorable DIY plant stakes {blog post here}.  We just used permanent markers on popsicle sticks or directly onto the cup/eggshell. 

It was pure chaos and SO much fun!  The temperature got up to 80 degrees- we most definitely could have turned on the sprinklers!  There was dirt everywhere, the kids had a contest digging for the best worm and I'm pretty sure I'll have random plants growing throughout our lawn from stray seed packets I found in the yard :)

 John Ryman added jelly beans to his watermelon seeds :) And how cute are those dirt cups a friend made for the kiddos!!

 Now here's to hoping our little seeds start to grow and we can plant them in the ground later this spring!  If not, at least we had a fun day with friends in the sunshine and could share a few gardening tips with each other along as well!