Thursday, March 17, 2016

Baby Essentials (Part 1)

 My favorite diapers from {Honest Company}
You have to check out all of their adorable patterns & prints- especially their new spring line!
 Simple Onesies- You can never have enough of these :) 
I love these from Target... and be sure to get a few side-snap outfits {here} for easy changing!

 Don't forget something pretty in your diaper bag for Mama!
I love my K.Slade Tip Pouch... and I've been eyeing this Ikat one in the sale section!
They are the perfect size to keep in a diaper bag to help organize all those little items.
Another Honest Company favorite- Healing Balm
Great for sensitive newborn skin and for mama as well!
And of course everyone needs an {Everyday Pitter Patter Necklace}!
Not only is it a pretty accessory, but perfect for busy hands that need distracting while nursing 
& for later on when teething starts :)  Tuggable, Chewable & Washable!

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