Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mother's Day & End of the School Year

Vera made the cutest flower pot in her Mom's Morning Out class!  The flower has already died but I'll treasure that colorful art forever :)  And I hadn't even seen her gift to me when I dressed her that morning- maybe it was her inspiration for the art haha! (This is our favorite reversible pinafore from {junebugtennessee})

JR and Vera were both in MMO one day a week this past year.  Even though JR started out pretty quiet and observant & Vera struggled some days during drop-off, they always came home with lots of fun stories wishing they could go back the next day!  They both had the sweetest teachers and learned so much this year!  It's amazing to see how much they have grown since their first day in the fall. 

 (above) first day right after getting home from Sadie's Wedding!
(below) last day of school...
John Ryman painted me a beautiful pot with a handmade flower- I just don't have a photo.  He also filled out this classic paper that I especially loved :)

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