Wednesday, August 31, 2016

JR & Bauer's room (from the old house)

 Here is the boys' room right before we moved from our old house.  
It was just starting to come together and then we put our house on the market, 
so I'm excited to start decorating their new room once it gets painted next week!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day trip to Charleston, SC

Our little family took a day trip to Charleston from Kiawah Island.  I had never been and wanted to take in some southern architecture and beauty.  Charleston reminded me so much of Savannah, GA.  It was scorching hot and the kids did so great walking everywhere (no stroller!) but Patrick and I were exhausted :) so we didn't last too long!  After walking downtown, we drove to the best lunch spot called Butcher & Bee- highly recommend- I think there is one in Nashville too!  
Here are a few photos from the day and some architecture inspiration...

 (I was carrying Bauer in the Ergo... just didn't get any photos ha!)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Best Cousins Ever!

 We sure have a lot of fun with 12 cousins...
Can't wait to have the 13th join in with this crew early January! (Daniel & Katie are having a girl!)
And yes, that is Patrick with a ball up his shirt being chased by all the kids :)

Garcia Family Vacation
Kiawah Island, SC July 2016

My 3 in South Carolina

  Kiawah Island, SC 
July 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Best invention!

I recently found this new product on the Grove website...
It is the cutest retractable lint roller!  Why am I just now finding this? 
When you have a golden retriever, you kinda know your lint rollers :)
but mine always get stuck to stuff in the junk drawer or I keep the dirty paper on it
so it doesn't stick to everything & that's pretty gross.
So I now have a "flint" at home by the couch and in my car... and I sent one to Patrick's office too.
Thought I would share this find with you!
{here} at Grove

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Family Photos 2016

While we were out in California, we had the talented Hannah Delozier take our family photos!  I had followed her photography for a while and loved her work, but I wasn't sure where she was in California or if we would have time to meet up with her.  I'm so thankful that it worked out because these are photos I will treasure forever!  We met her at Corona Del Mar tide pools as the sun was setting.  Poor Vera was still waking up from a nap, we all got soaking wet after the first few photos and then the kids were pretty cold, but Hannah was so sweet & patient.  You would never know from the pictures how much whining was going on ;)  Now I'm just trying to find a place in our home for all of the prints!!!  Here are a few of my favorites...

Thank you Hannah for capturing our family and the kiddos so well!  This last one might just be my favorite :)

Whirlwind Summer 2016

 The summer started with sweet friends and strawberry picking...
We fell in love with a home in Evansville and decided to list our house to see if it would sell. 
It sold in 3 days after 3 offers!
 We started the packing process in between trips, park dates and summer fun!
 These kiddos kept growing up and Bauer continued to be his chill, happy self :)

We celebrated Father's Day with the most patient, faithful & goofy dad.
 and even got to see Dado, my dad and brother Sam on stage together at Southeast!
 Vera's curls kept growing, giggles louder & personality even bigger!
Her birthday flowers bloomed right around her 3rd birthday!
 We went blueberry picking in Owensboro with friends 
while Vera had special time with grandparents.
Patrick and I celebrated our 8th anniversary with a little Louisville getaway to the Seelbach.
 The kids got their final swings in at our old home...
 and enjoyed summer sports camp at the Y! 
JR- Baseball & Vera- Gymnastics :)
Then we drove over to Kiawah Island for a big Garcia family vacation over July 4th!
So much fun & joy with all of the cousins- we had so much to celebrate! 
Lots of swimming, laughing & yummy food & a special day trip to Charleston
I could have spent all day looking at the beautiful southern architecture- 
but it was humid and HOT, so the morning was enough ;)

Then we had two days to unpack, wash and repack before flying out to California.  
The house was already packed and ready to move, so why not travel from coast to coast ;)

We attended the NACC and my dad planned an amazing week as president-
remarkable sessions and lots of memories made in Anaheim!
Knotts Berry Farm rides, Vera throwing up in the hotel hallway, Bauer smiling the entire flight, afternoon naps in the hotel, kids in the front row of For King & Country concert,  Downtown Disney (remote control cars & princesses!) In & Out Burger at midnight, airport exhaustion and laughing way too much with friends from around the country!

We flew home late Sunday night and closed on our new home the next morning!! 
Thankfully we had some time to move over and get settled before handing off the keys to our old house. That was one LONG exhausting week, but after lots of hard work and help from friends, we were moved in and out of boxes pretty quick.  I love decorating and organizing everything out of the boxes in a new fresh place- so this was the fun part for me!     
 We broke in the house with several parties and lots of friends, even from Texas & California!
So many sweet memories already made- feels like home!

This summer sure has been one for the books!
We might have eaten popsicles for breakfast (in bed!)
Hung artwork quickly on walls with thumbtacks...
 found random treasures in the garage & had tons of help from my mom decorating!
Patrick was confused with why I brought an old mailbox inside ;)
oh and we bought a kitten (still can't believe we did that?!)
but what a sweet sweet summer it was.
My heart is so grateful. I love this little family of mine!