Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Family Photos 2016

While we were out in California, we had the talented Hannah Delozier take our family photos!  I had followed her photography for a while and loved her work, but I wasn't sure where she was in California or if we would have time to meet up with her.  I'm so thankful that it worked out because these are photos I will treasure forever!  We met her at Corona Del Mar tide pools as the sun was setting.  Poor Vera was still waking up from a nap, we all got soaking wet after the first few photos and then the kids were pretty cold, but Hannah was so sweet & patient.  You would never know from the pictures how much whining was going on ;)  Now I'm just trying to find a place in our home for all of the prints!!!  Here are a few of my favorites...

Thank you Hannah for capturing our family and the kiddos so well!  This last one might just be my favorite :)

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