Monday, August 1, 2016

Updated Kitchen and Hearth Room (old house)

Before we moved, I went back and found photos from when we first moved into the house.  Thought I would share how the Kitchen & Hearth changed over our 3 years in the house!
I wish I could find a photo of the hearth area when we moved in.  The brick was orange-red with wood above it and just old recessed lighting. I white-washed the brick, painted the wood paneling and Patrick swapped out the recessed lighting for the hanging lanterns. It brightened up that corner a lot!

In the kitchen we painted the cabinets, spray painted all of the original hardware, added a lantern above the sink and covered the painted laminate counters with a fresh coat of black countertop paint.  Then right before we moved we swapped out the off white appliances for stainless steel.

A little paint goes a long way!!

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