Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Furball in the Garcia Yard

So I realized our newest pet had not been formally introduced here on the blog...
Meet "Cheer" our new kitten!
I almost made the title of this post "I hate cats." Haha! I am horribly allergic (really, everyone but Vera is allergic) and, to be honest, cats kinda freak me out. But when we moved into our new house, Patrick and JR convinced me that an outdoor cat would be great for catching mice :) I told them if I didn't have to do a thing with her then I would consider it, but it had to be a kitten or else I would never like it. (that sounds so mean!) Of course they found a 14 week old kitten and the kids fell in love... so I was peer pressured and we are now cat owners.  JR and Vera came up with the name "Cheer" together and I have no idea how they decided on that name.
We have a potting shed off of our detached garage and that is where she stays.  She puts up with Vera trying to carry her awkwardly everywhere and is super cute playing with Vali.  I like her because she keeps her distance, she is outdoors so no sneezing & no litter box, and Patrick and the kids really do love her :)
Pretty sure I thought we would have chickens before a kitten! 
Cheer, welcome to the Garcia Farm. Don't be offended that I can't hold you. I think you're cute & I'm thankful for the entertainment you provide JR and Vera ;)

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