Thursday, October 13, 2016

Stitch Fix #11 and $25 off for YOU!

I'm going to be honest and say this was my least favorite fix I have received.
Out of 11 fixes, that is not bad!
It was my fault because I forgot to update my fix preferences
 (they even sent a reminder email before the shipment)
so my stylist didn't know what I was wanting for fall.  
Goes to show how important and helpful those style profiles really are!

I had some credit to use and I ended up only keeping one item.
It was actually the most simple Gray Tee.  I was hesitant to keep it because I felt like there 
was nothing "special" about it, but I have already worn it several times  and LOVE it! 
It is super comfy and longer in the back which is one of my favorite styles.
Easy to throw on & great for layering!

Here are the other 4 items that I sent back...

 I loved the fit & wash of these jeans, just didn't need another pair :)
I'm always amazed how my stylist can pick such a perfect fit for me!
 These red shoes were cute and comfortable, but I didn't know how often I would wear them.

 I think the stylist recommended this shirt with the shoes and jeans, 
but it wasn't really a pattern I loved and it was too short on me.

 This dress was wonderful! So comfy and soft, but the fabric was thick enough to be flattering ;)
I would have kept this one in a heartbeat if it wasn't horizontal stripes... boo!
Just not the best pattern for me- too bad it wasn't solid black in the middle.
Thankfully you are able to review and comment on each item when you "check out"
so I can tell my stylist how much I love this style and fit, just not the pattern. 
The more specific you can be, the better!
So that was my 11th fix!  
Along with the style card (showing me 2 ways to style each piece)
guess what was in the box??
 Yes, that's right- Stitch Fix for MEN!
I'm excited to try it out for Patrick.
He is super picky and I usually have to shop around, 
bring them all home & end up returning all but one item... 
so needless to say this could be super helpful!

Follow this link {here} for $25 off your first fix, men or women. 
That means no styling fee & $25 credit towards a new fall outfit!

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